Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Tribute to the 70s

It's that time of the week again--WILW! It may be because I've been working at Loft for the majority of the past 2 days (welcome to my new life!), or it may be because I had a lot of free time on my hands these past few months and managed to watch all 8 seasons (or 201 episodes, whichever you prefer) of That 70s Show in record time...but I have to admit I wish I got to experience the 70s. Not the whole I'm-high-all-the-time-and-getting-knocked-up-at-Woodstock experience, but the fashion! If I had to choose, I would definitely pick Jackie's wardrobe from the show...

Excuse me while I geek out for a moment about how the 70s styles are all making a comeback this fall and I'm in love with them. Which brings me to:

WILW: 70s Edition (Sorta)

  • Loft's new fall collection--Flares are back in! NEVER thought I would say that. OR be happy about it. But sorry folks, I can't hide the truth from you. I'm a bit obsessed fascinated. The store was a bit slow today so my manager and I decided it was a good time to try on all the new styles--you know, so we can be better adept at selling them... to ourselves. Yeah, let's just say my hold tag went from the 1 sweater I put on hold last night to:
    • The one sweater--large stripes of lavender and grey with button-sleeve detailing (Loft online doesn't have a pic yet, boo!)
    • A lace-detailed tee (also not online yet--my attempt to woo you with pictures isn't going too well)
    • Two pairs of flare pants--I should mention that it's not like bell-bottom middle-schooler flare. It's classic.

Sage green
And in gravel grey...
*I hate to say it because these girls are models, but I think that the pants looked better on my than they do in those pictures...but pictures don't do the pants justice. And the tops they put them with in these pictures are terrible.
    • A "two-fer" lace overlay sweater dress. In petite. Because I'm just short enough to classify as such sometimes.
    • A sweater vest with a faux fur-lined collar (again no picture). Before you think, "Oh dear lord, that sounds awful!" you would have to see it in person in order to give it justice. I have to admit, when we first got it in, I thought it was terrible. But we put it out on the sales floor the other day, and every time I walked by it, I kept thinking I should try it on. I finally did during my lunch break today with the aforementioned sweater and fell in love with it.
    • Another shirt, similar to this but darker in color:
I need to figure out what I actually want need though. As much as I would LOVE to buy all of it, I don't think I can. Oh well, back to the love list!
  • Megan DeJesus--I love people who let me do laundry at their houses! My apartment/apartment complex does not have laundry facilities. And laundromats scare me--okay that's a lie, I just don't want to wait in steamy rooms and have my clothes stolen and be hit on by creepy strangers. Maybe I wasn't lying... Yeah, they scare me. So thank you Megan for letting me do laundry at your place and use your wireless and chill with the bunny you're watching (Bun Bun and I bonded!), all while you are out to dinner with your bosses. Greatest. Friend. Ever.
  • Prime Outlets Williamsburg--So I'm hoping to coaxing my mom into meeting me at the Williamsburg outlets this weekend for some good old shopping. There's a few things on my fall wishlist--boots, please!--that I would love to get for as little money as possible. However, generally when I go to the outlets, my workout wardrobe drastically increases. It's either the outlets or all the Loft clothes I just mentioned (**hint, hint** Mom, if you are reading this...). Still not sure whether this trip will happen or not, but I'll find out tomorrow.
  • Clean eats, good workouts, and renewed motivation--That's where I stand right now. It's not so much that my motivation is "renewed," because it has been for quite a while, but I like to remind myself of that every now and then. And of course, I stocked my previously barren fridge with some nice veggies (and fruits until these next 3 1/2 weeks end) and massive amounts of protein. Still trucking along at the gym, though I really need to get on top of my running!
Well, gotta cut this short because: A. I'm tired and actually need to fold my clothes/head home for dinner with the roomie who just moved back in!, and B. my laptop does not have much life left while I'm lounging on Megan's couch. Oh, and C. I'm sure by now you're just bored with my post.

I'll be back tomorrow for some better/more-relevant-to-training post. Until then, I have a question for you: Pre-owned boots--would you buy them?? I found a pair of boots at a thrift store downtown on Sunday and I've been toying with the idea of getting them. They are real leather and only $40, which I'm sure they cost a lot more. Yes or no??


  1. Pre-owned boots? I wouldn't. They always seem to hurt my legs. Even when my boots get old, they hurt my legs.
    Hey by the way, can you tell the fashion gods to lose the baggy clothing on top? I've worked hard for my abs and kinda wanna show off my shape. Perhaps with some flared pants! ;)

  2. The Loft has so many cute things for Fall. I'm not a fan of the flare pant. They do not look good on me. I took advantage of the 40% sale they had a couple of weeks ago and got a couple pencil skirts, a jean skirt and then tops to wear with each. I'm waiting on another sale to get some more! ;)