Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can It Get Any Better Than This??

Oh my word, I'm having the most AMAZING week in recent history. If not in all history. First let me just say:

August, I love you!

As a follow up to My Fave Month post, I have to admit that August is getting off to a great start! I don't know how it will be able to outdo these past 2 1/2 days, but I'm sure it will!

Live, Love, Loft

This is the motto of the store I work for, and now more than ever, I can say that I truly believe in this phrase. I've worked for Loft for over 2 1/2 years--I started in October 2008, and it's the first job that I've truly loved. The first place where I truly felt like my work was valued and I made a difference in people's days (and wardrobes). I remember some of the first girls I met--my first day was actually during the quarterly meeting for the store, and although I knew nothing at the time, everyone made me feel welcome. I've seen faces come and go, some that have been at the store as long as me, and some more seasonal associates that just work on their summer breaks or just for holiday purposes.

I've seen the store progress through 3 different managers and finally become the LOFT that I now know--a wonderful work environment where I'm in constant contact with some wonderful women. I've seen my assistant manager (love you, KT!) get married, welcome a son into the world, and now she is expecting #2 (fingers crossed that it's a little girl!)!! My general manager, CP,  is by far the best supervisor that I've ever worked for--she has a way of making the associates feel valued and is exceptional at what she does. Ever since she came along, our store has progressed and I know we are capable of GREAT things!

That brings me to the good news: I have officially been offered the promotion to Sales Lead! I know it was such a long, drawn-out process, but there were extenuating circumstances. The current sales lead whose position I am taking is about to start grad school, and while she had summer classes, she wanted to continue in her role until the fall semester starts. And our district was in the middle of a transition to a new district manager, whom I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday. Yesterday in itself was such a great day and really boosted my morale. With the visit of our new DM, and the start of our current promotional events going on (check out the Loft page and/or your local Loft for some great deals!), I was able to push myself that much more and I made a great first impression! Like seriously good.

I'm so excited for this new opportunity, and while this week serves as an unofficial training week, my official training starts next week. Speaking of which, I may not be able to post much next week because I'll simultaneously be training for the downtown gig. Downtown in the AM followed by Loft in the PM makes for one tired Liz! Well worth it!

And that's just one of the reasons August is already living up to it's designated "Fave Month" title!

WILW: August Edition!
Oh August...

  • My amazing job, coworkers, & everything else that comes with LOFT-- If it's not already obvious from the paragraphs I just wrote about my job, I love where I work! My promotion is a great opportunity while I slowly make my transition into real world-mode. My new district manager is by far the best we've had yet. My manager is the most personable boss I've ever had. I convinced clients to open opened 5 cards yesterday (which is no small feat, let me tell you!). I completely wowed my DM and even got to share with her a training tool I created for my fellow associates. Oh, and I had several clients tell me "Thank you SO much for your help. You were great!" and actually mean it. I love when clients are willing to step out of their fashion comfort zone and they end up pleasantly surprised with the suggestions they are given :) and then they buy everything!
  • Toni-- If you are friends with me on Facebook, you will know that my goal this week was to run to/from the gym every day (though in my mind, this really just meant run to...crawl back). Well, I've also been in the middle of that shoe experiment, which means that not only have I been running to the gym, but I haven't been doing so in my FiveFingers. How's it going?? Eh... My shins have been been aching, and my legs have felt heavy (though granted, I normally run on the treadmill at 0% incline and Cville is all hills). So yesterday, I was NOT feeling the run back, and my amazing bodybuilding friend Toni offered to give me a ride home, even though she was heading right back to the gym for more training! Get it girl! Well, we had some interesting girl talk, which should make for some amusing times at the gym over the next several days (hehe). Toni, if you're reading this, Thanks for the ride and I will see you in the morning!!
  • "Pre-lated" Birthday Gifts-- That should probably read "pre-dated" birthday gifts, but my dad coined the term when he ordered me my new VITAMIX!!! Which came in the mail today! What a coincidence, something I love being shipped to me on a WILW! SCORE!! Yes, I've already taken numerous photos, at every stage of opening the package it came in, and am more than ready to use that sucker. **Insert grocery store trip here** <---Yeah, I need some (ba)naners! And of course, the recipe book that came with it knows the old me--the first page I opened to was of course Fruit Margaritas & Strawberry Daiquiris. Is this a sign?? Feel free to judge me based on the following pictures (in an effort to show you my excitement and my childlike behavior, I have included all):
Hmm, what's in it????
Inspiration included!
The real deal (aka alcohol not optional)!
The Majestic Beast (of a blender)
I will use you! (It's bigger than my head!)
Note: More excitement than meets the eye
I gots the goods ;)
Don't make me use the tamper on you!
(I warned you I was acting childish!)
Thanks dad!
  • My week's choice of outfits--of which I have no pictures. But trust me. I actually put in some decent effort this week (not that I normally don't). My wardrobe = another reason I love Loft. When I consign things (which I did today & received $22 from previous things I consigned that have sold in the past week!!) I feel slightly silly because it's all Loft...
  • Recent (free) accumulations-- Presents! ...For being awesome at opening cards at work and for having friends as amazing as Stacy that go to Cancun and bring me back gifts ;)
Marbleized bangle bracelet (from work).
It's cuter in person...can't tell from the pic
Cutest change purse & magnet ever, C/O Stacy!
  • Mood lighting just for the heck of it--

Sometimes it's just nice to enjoy an evening by candle light (or in my case an entire day--I needed to burn those suckers down to get rid of em!). But seriously, I enjoy candles (and not in a pyromaniac way)!

That's all folks! Check back next week (if I have time) to see what made the WILW Love List!

Question: Should I sell my prom dress?? I have no occasion to wear it again and I think I could make a decent return on it. Betsey Johnson from the outlet 4 years ago, cost me my dad & his mom $220 (originally ~$400). Any idea on how much I should ask?? I can't find an exact style online anywhere...
Ooooh, sequins! Pardon my oh-so-young face!


  1. You are so darn cute! I've wanted one of those blenders but am so stuck in my Magic Bullet ways. I think its because of the word "magic."

    Sell it! Might as well get some dough out of something you're not gonna wear again! I'd go $100, good even number and it will make it sell fast. Don't forget to mention how much you bought it for!

  2. YAAAAY!! so proud of you! congrats on becoming sales lead! that's amazing. Shows your hard work and dedication


  3. Congratulations to you! THat's great news!!

    I love the dress! I would put it in the paper or on craigslist. Even Ebay- I bet you'd get a good price for it there. Put a "buy it now" price of like $300, or people can just bid on it. Start out higher than you want because people will most likely try and talk you down.