Saturday, August 13, 2011

Not A Fan of Weekends

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the weekend and all the laziness it stands for. But what I don't love is the gym crowd Saturdays and Sundays. It would be one thing if the gym opened at the same time over the weekend as it does during the week, but unfortunately, people have lives. Meaning they like to have a good time on Friday and Saturday night, and actually want to sleep in for 3 more hours. I'm not saying I'm not one of those people--I like to sleep in a couple hours later on the weekend too, but this means that everyone and their mom is at the gym by 8:30.

I tend to enjoy one of two things during cardio sessions: 1. zoning out, and 2. people watching. It's slightly easier to zone out during the weekdays, especially after you recognize most of the faces in the gym. Weekends, I have to admit, are good for people watching, but sometimes you get the creeper that gets on the stairmill/treadmill/etc next to you, and you're pretty much forced to face front. Or another of my favorites--the all-too-social gym-goer. The one that gets, once again, right next to you (really, of ALL the open equipment) and either chats on their phone or waves a friend over and starts up a half-hour conversation. I have to give them props or something--I can barely breathe when I'm doing cardio most of the time! And when I do manage to say hi to someone or talk for a few minutes, it's between very labored breaths (**slight exaggeration**).

All things aside, it's not like I'm going to skip out on the weekends, and I'm a very impatient person--I can't wait around for a "better" time to go to the gym on Saturdays and Sundays. But I much prefer my weekdays.

Forewarning: Silly metaphor ahead, but I promise there's a point!

When Life Gives you...

Apples? You thought I was going to say "lemons," right? Well, life has given me apples instead--most people like apples. There are many different varieties, so if you don't like one, you are sure to like another. This is kind of where I'm sitting with the whole Loft/Commonwealth thing--most people would not care to work two jobs, and many would not care to work retail or in a restaurant. Yet that's what I'm doing. I'm not 100% comfortable with it, since I now have a college degree and all, but it works for now. And hey, it's not like I'm back at Ruby Tuesday (as if I ever belonged there). And it's not like I'm still an associate at Loft.

But of course leave it to life (or fate?) to throw a curveball at me. Life has now given me strawberries and I sort of have an interesting situation in front of me. For all the people that like apples, there are a lot of people that like strawberries too. But the two just don't work well together (with the exception of strawberry-flavored applesauce--I think that's OK). During the first break from training on Monday, I was able to check my email via my phone and was surprised to see an email from a company I had applied to a couple months ago. Back then, I applied for a part-time position doing clerical work, but at an environmental company. Apparently, my information was passed on to the woman that contacted me for a full-time position that has opened up. Unfortunately, between all the training last week, I'm just now getting around to getting my stuff together (writing sample, cover letter, references, etc). And I'm actually really excited to even be considered to apply. Who knows what will happen--whether I'll get an interview, if I get the job, etc., but I'm sort of nervous because I'm essentially letting down my managers at Loft, and I'll have wasted a week of training for downtown.

Whatever happens, I'm sure it will work out, and I tend to be more "realistic" than optimistic (my realism is not very dependent on hopes haha). So yeah--apples or strawberries? I'm one cover letter away from seeing where this leads!

In Other News

I have a tiny kitten sleeping on me, trying to say hello to you guys by stepping on my keypad. I know I promised pictures, but you know what they say, "Let sleeping cats lie..."

Have a great night & a delightful Sunday!


  1. Hey Darling! I completely agree with you abut the gym crowd on the weekends. Though I have to say there are the regulars that I enjoy seeing. : )

    cant wait to see pictures of your kitty.

  2. That's true, I do enjoy seeing my regulars! And I'm about fed up with the kitty--just watching her til Wednesday, but she's CRAZY!

  3. Go where it seems best suited for you! A lot of times becoming a trainer sounds awesome to me, but being an Administrative Assistant (for now) is a better fit. Good luck!! But you don't need it! ;)