Friday, August 5, 2011

I Stand Corrected

It can get better than this, and it has! This is another one of those scenarios (completely different than the last) that I can't really say much about yet, but let's just say I'm pretty darn excited! I've been slightly scatterbrained this week, what with all the unofficial training at Loft and getting mentally prepared for the LONG week I have ahead of me next week. And yes, I may have gotten lost in my own mind a few times... But don't worry, I found my way out (and I promise I'm sane)!

The Gym

Workouts, though intense (as usual) have been a bit off this week. I've been training with Kevin in the mornings this week which I'm not really used to. Normally, I do my own thing in the morning for about an hour and a half, but I don't weight train til the afternoons. While there have been mornings here & there that I lift at 5:30am, it's not really an every day occurrence for me. On top of that, somebody (not me!) got a bad case of poison ivy and ran away from my training session yesterday morning! And I mean that literally--although it was more of a quick walk away. Anyhow, everyone is doing better now and I was back at it this morning. 35lb dumbbells on chest press today--hells yeah! I never really made note of what weights I started off with when I first started on this training journey, and now that I think about it, that would have been a smart idea. DUH, Liz!! Do you keep track of the weight #s you lift, or do you just know you're going heavier??

This week was also slightly different in that Kevin and I incorporated an ab day--just abs. It was good and a nice change from the ab rut routines I've been stuck in the past few weeks. I do have to admit though, cardio has been off. Well let me clarify--it's off from what my ideal picture of cardio is. When I met with Pleasants a few weeks back, he suggested cardio 4 days a week and as needed. But when I hear "as needed," I say to myself "Heck yes, I need that second round of cardio!" So although I have skipped missed out on a couple afternoon sessions this week, it really isn't the big detriment that I'm making it out to be.

And guess what! Missing a measly 20 minutes of cardio has done wonders for my non-existent social life! Okay, that's another exaggeration, but basically, I have an extra 1 1/2 - 2 hours free in the afternoons (factoring in travel time, cardio, shower time, and the few minutes I shoot the breeze at the gym).

The Pup

So now it's time for me to admit that this is getting a little out of hand. And by this, I mean my mom actively trying to steal Archie from me! At first I thought she was joking. I knew she wanted two pups, but I didn't think she was serious at all. Then, she kept offering to pay me for Archie--and she still is! Although, I'm a smart girl--I told her if she wants him, that he's worth more now, "The $150 I paid for him, plus an additional $100 for each additional month old he is." I played right into her greedy little puppy-grubbing hands! When she offered to watch him for me during the hot summer months, I agreed. That was Step 1. Now Archie and his brother, Murdoch, are inseparable. So Step 2 is obviously to make me feel guilty for wanting to separate the two of them. She even had the audacity to tell me "He can still be yours. But you can just get another dog when you have more time!"Ummm SAY WHAT, MOMMA K?! A. She didn't even know what mini schnauzers are until I got one! She thought they are yorkies! B. She thought the Craigslist post was a scam. C. She didn't even want one til she saw mine--true story! And D. I raised him! That's like asking a mother to give up their baby. No thank you, Mom--but I can give you the number to the SPCA so you can get another dog "when you have more time."

Any advice on how to get my lil Archie back?? My sister officially has more pictures together with my dog than I do! Excuse me while I go whine. Or better yet--I do have a house key to Momma K's house...


  1. Oh no! I think you need to find an Archie clone to swap when she's not looking...

  2. An ab day...great idea. (I would dread that day the most though, haha.)
    I sure hope you get your baby back! No one should come between a mom & her furbaby!

  3. I keep track of EVERYTHING. Sometimes I won't do a certain weight movement for a long time and forget what a good weight was for me, and usually some kind of app is good for that. I use iFitness which helps tremendously.
    I have abs & cardio only days, I love that day.
    Remember though! If you're doing a LOT of cardio, the only way to keep your metabolism going during contest prep is by upping cardio or lowering calories. If you're already doing a lot of cardio, you're going to have to do EVEN more on contest prep. Its rough when you're depleted! So keep it minimal if you can! ;) I know its hard to do because you're excited, but sometimes the best thing to do is continue to gear up your momentum. This has been a long explanation, but let me tell you... I have a gf who was doing 40 mins of cardio in the morning, and 20 mins of cardio in the evening, 6 days a week before her contest prep... and now she's doing 60/60 every day because her body had adapted to that. Anyway, just advice. :)
    And no offense to your momma, but go take your baby. Tell her to get another dog. I would peacefully tell my mom to EFF OFF if she tried to steal my Zekey! Not cool and immature for a woman her age.