Monday, August 1, 2011

Defining Pride

adj  (foll by of, an infinitive, or a clause )
1.pleased or satisfied, as with oneself, one's possessions,achievements, etc, or with another person, his or her achievements, qualities, etc (Check!)
2.feeling honoured or gratified by or as if by some distinction (Check!)
3.having an inordinately high opinion of oneself; arrogant or haughty (Pass...)
4.characterized by or proceeding from a sense of pride: a proud moment (Check!)
5.having a proper sense of self-respect (Check!)
6.stately or distinguished (Perhaps?)
7.bold or fearless (Check!)

I'm hopping on the bandwagon that Lisa started and has spread to Tenecia, Kari, and Stacy--reasons why I'm proud. Above is the definition of pride, and while some definitions were obvious, others were a bit surprising (see #7).

Defining the Definition(s) of Pride
  1. In the past year, I've progressed a lot in life:
    • I graduated from UVa with my BA in Environmental Science
    • I interned at the Charlottesville Newsplex with the meteorologists and was brave enough to admit that it wasn't for me (though I had an amazing time).
    • I had my first full-time job interview (and cried when I didn't get the job).
    • I made the decision to compete in a figure competition, giving up the social "norms" of the average college senior.
    • I realized drinking/partying isn't really my thing.
    • I admitted I'm not ready for the scary reality of the real world.
    • I've become the best LOFT girl that I can be.
    • I realized I need time to find what I want from life.
    • I had the courage to admit that I was not ready (financially, mentally, and physically) for my first figure competition, which would have been yesterday.
I'm Proud

I'm proud of each and every one of these things listed. 

I'm pleased that my life is where it is right now. Sure, I could have a bit more money, I could have a full-time job, I could have a lot of things. But I have my health, I have good friends and coworkers, and I have an amazing support system.

I'm proud to be the (favorite redhead) daughter of my amazing mother. She's always, ALWAYS there when I need her, even if it is in times of dire need. She may think I'm a bit odd for taking up the time-consuming, costly lifestyle that I've chosen, but she understands. I know that when she does get upset with me, it's for good reason, and she only has my best interests at heart.
Love you, Mom!
I'm proud of my family. I'm proud to be the sister of 3 great siblings, each at different stages in their lives. I'm proud that my oldest brother, Alex, is at a great point in his life with an outstanding career and a wonderful wife (and 2 precious/mischievous dogs). I'm proud that my brother, Nick, has decided to pursue his PhD in chemical engineering at VCU. I'm proud that my sister has grown into the young woman she is today, and only continues to do so.
Alex & Kathy's Wedding
Playing with the gag gift (courtesy of me).
Nick: The shirt says it all
I secretly love this pic! <3 El!
I'm proud of my decision to become a pet-owner. Archie kept me company at a point when I really needed it, and even though he isn't here with my in Charlottesville right now, I still talk to him on the phone (yup, you read that right) every time I call my mom. And he loves hearing my voice!
So much love, words can't even express it!
I'm proud of the people I choose to call my friends. Good friends are hard to come by, and I've been blessed to find some great ones at each stage in my life.
Megan = my gym BFF!
Sisters from other misters (and misses)
BFFTTDID--First get-together post-Katie's engagement!
Newsplex fam--Stacy, I owe so much to you!
Finally, I'm proud of everything I have to offer. Proud of every possibility I have in life. I'm proud that I'm not afraid to say "This is who I am--take it or leave it!" I'm proud that I realize my mistakes and I own up to them, and because of that, I'm a better person. I'm proud to say that I have my flaws, but that only gives me that much more to build upon. 

I'm proud to be me.

What are you proud of??


  1. I love it Liz!! You're awesome!

  2. You started a great trend Lisa! Love the post inspiration!!

  3. I love that you jumped on the bandwagon! Great post!!