Monday, August 1, 2011

My FAVE Month

I love love LOVE August! It's by far my favorite month! More so than December, what with all it's Christmas and New Year's Eve glory. August is where its at!

Reasons to Love on August

  1. It's my birthday month! Yes, I'm that girl that loves a month because it happens to be her birth-month. I've been known to take the shopping celebrating to an extreme with phrases such as "Well, it's my birthday/week/month!" Only 24 more days (but who's counting?!)!!
  2. Summer is winding down. Now normally I'd be against this; however, I'm officially a college graduate, which means no more school (this year at least)! This will be my first year as a C'villian without being a student. I get to experience more of the city/town from a resident's perspective. Also, with the summer winding down, that means temperatures are (hopefully) easing up and Fall is soon to follow!
  3. One more month til I get my puppy back! This goes hand-in-hand with the temperature thing. Cooler temperatures = an apartment temperature fit for a pup. Miss my little guy so. much.
  4. I (find out if I) get my promotion at LOFT this week! Okay, so really it's in the bag, I got the gig. But my manager was on vacation last week, and she technically has to chat with the district manager with whom I interviewed on Thursday before I'm actually offered the promotion. AND I get to meet the district manager when she's in for a store visit tomorrow!
  5. I start training/working at the downtown restaurant NEXT MONDAY!! I'm extremely excited for this because not only have I never had the opportunity to be a cocktail server (merely a waitress), but I've never had the opportunity to work downtown either. Previously, I've worked in a Ruby Tuesday here in town, and I never felt like I belonged. I love Downtown Charlottesville, and I'm glad I get the chance to work there on a weekly basis! (Okay, I know you all are sick and tired of hearing about this and LOFT--which you should check out this weekend, just saying!!)
  6. I get another trip home before my mom starts back up teaching! I'm not exactly sure when she starts back at school, but I'm headed home for a dental cleaning on the 22nd, so that means not only am I home, but I'm home around my birthday! Yay! I'm sure at that point, I'll be plenty busy with my jobs so it will only be a day trip, but it's a trip none-the-less! And I'll get to see my sister's apartment at school (ODU)!
  7. My Vitamix, care of my dad, should be here in a few days! Blend, blend, blend! I'm going to jump at every chance I get to use this sucker!
  8. Financial woes be gone! So starts the money-saving for my November competition! Oh yeah, and I suppose I can pay off some of my credit card too ;)
Do you like August? If so, why? If not, what's your absolute fave month?!


  1. I like August because it's hubby's birthday.

    Happy Birth-Month!! ;)

  2. I <3 fall! I absolutely love fall. Boots, scarves, pumpkin... what's not to love?!

  3. i do like august but it symbolizes he last month of summer so i get a bit sad.

    happy early birthday!

  4. Sounds like this month is going to be a great one! I like August too because it means cooler weather & football are just around the corner!! Happy August! :)