Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bear With Me Please: First Video Post!!

Okay, so this is completely long-winded, but I'm trying to be more active with my blog. Especially since I have so much spare time right now. Today's topic is: Breakfast! Hopefully I'll be posting more shorter videos on a consistent basis. Enjoy!!
Phew! To those of you that actually watched the entire thing, congratulations! And I love you--you are amazing for wanting to watch me talk about food (since my next meal isn't for another hour)!

P.S. Check out my facebook page! Just search "Just Another Rep"!!


  1. Lol, you are SOOO cute!! Nice voice too! I like people that talk a lot, so much easier to carry on a conversation. :D

    Part of the reason I don't like myself on video is because I make tons of faces (not meaning to) and I dislike my voice. Haha...I'll just stick with the pictures for now.

  2. Aw thanks Kristin, you are too kind :) I'm trying to put my free time to good use and actually make a lifestyle of this. At the least it's a backup plan!

  3. LOL I love this! You have such great post ideas :-) tooooo freakin cute! AND LOL @ "they only have one salad. I mean, what is that?" - sounds like something I would say hahaha.. + watch out for the SODIUM there!