Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Only an Hour Left for WILW!

I lost track of time this afternoon at the gym! Hence, this post is so late. But I promised you a What I Love Wednesday, so here it is!

Love List

  • Birthdays-- My not-so little sister turned 19 on June 19th. I love birthdays! They're so fun! Getting together with close friends and family. Giving presents (or receiving them if you're the birthday girl). Good food, good company. There's a reason they are considered celebrations. And Eleanor's birthday was no exception. My mom, sissy, her friend Amanda, and I went to PF Chang's for a late lunch. It was delicious! I made sure to look online at the menu and find something on track with my nutrition before we went. It actually worked out really well!
Happy Bday Lovey!
Sisterly LOVE
I turned it into a photo shoot of yours truly ;)
  • Workouts that make you wanna vom & hit someone-- These are also the times when you should watch out because I get in a bit of a pissy mood from being pushed so hard, and I generally want to cry half the time during them. However, there's just something so rewarding when you finish. Tonight's workout was exactly like this--leg day! Managed to get REAL deep on squats--it helps when you have someone besides your trainer watching you/critiquing you. My initial reaction was (out loud) "I don't give a s*** what you think!" Yeah, that was the pissy Liz talking, oops! Only squats (up to 155), box steps (with 25lb dumbbells), and deadlifts (with 10lb plates on each side to keep low) and I was done for! 
  • Hitting ALL your workout in a week, and hitting them HARD-- Self-explanatory? Rewarding! So very rewarding. And no guilt = YES please!
  • Road trips with pups-- My little guy Archie and his brother, Murdoch, were so well-behaved on the drive to Syracuse and back. They were also pretty amusing. Especially Archie. It's getting late, so I'll leave you with numerous puppy pics:
Archie napping on Sissy
Murdoch wanted to sit in the front seat
Archie was amusing the other drivers on the road.
Silly boy :)
Waiting for Mommy to get back from the rest stop
Fave Archie pic? Um YES!

And for being so good--vanilla ice cream
courtesy of Joanie (my mom)

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