Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Hi friends! I hope you're enjoying the start to what will be a glorious weekend! Why do I say this? No reason really--I'm working a split shift at LOFT today, but choco-cherry belgium waffles (made with  an egg white/steel-cut oatmeal base), and an egg white omelette with spinach, hot sauce, and green salsa has put me in an excellent mood. Not to mention I got in a great run this morning. I've only been out running in the am (versus hopping on the treadmill at the gym) twice since I moved. Not that my route is/should be much different--I only really moved about 2-3 blocks away from my old place, but it's kinda on a road I used to never run down, so I'm not sure about the timing of it all. I used to be able to run a huge loop and that would give me my 30 minute cardio sesh that I needed.

Half of my breakfast! Soaked the oats in the
egg whites overnight... Delish!

This morning I am a teensy bit tight on time, so in lieu of going to the gym, which opens at 8, I decided to do cardio outside. Started on a run and then ran the dreaded hill/stairs at nearby Washington Park. You may recall my experience with the stairs last month, and how I was not much of a fan of them because of awkward strides in order to get up them. Well today, I decided to run alongside them, with the exception of 2 intervals. I was able to run quicker just on the hills, but I definitely felt it more when I ran the stairs (maybe because there's more movement involved??). So I managed about 15 minutes of hill/stair work and then finished with a hilly run home.

This was one of my better runs this week. Not that I didn't enjoy my beach runs, but something has just felt off. I think the change in scenery, although necessary, has been having its effects on my body. My hips generally feel pretty sore when I'm running on the treadmill--I tell myself it's due to the heavy pounding--but I noticed it during my leg workout yesterday, and that generally doesn't happen. I don't know if my body is just tight from running on sand, hills, treadmills, and climbing the StairMaster, but I don't like the feeling. Not to mention I've been having er...issues...this week. Let's just say that I've felt bloated all week. Although, reading some of your blogs has helped me reveal the culprit--too much artificial sweetener!!! Either that, or I had wayyyy too much caffeine the other day. I couldn't help it--I was majorly lagging! I'm about 95% certain it was the artificial sweetener though, and while I rely on it too much to cut it out entirely for a couple of days, I'm limiting myself so my body will hopefully go back to normal. By tomorrow--my weigh-in/check-in day--PLEASE!!

I have managed to come to a few different conclusions over the past few days:

  1. I'm going to make the drive home at least every couple of weeks until I find a job, because this helps give me peace of mind. Although I am a bit nervous about doing so when it gets closer to the competition date (6 weeks, y'all!!)... At the least, I can meet my mom halfway and, say, go shopping in Williamsburg at the outlets or find something fun to do in Richmond. After all, her summer break starts soon too--oh, the perks of being a teacher!
  2. I am going to take any opportunity that comes my way. This could be employment opportunities or leisurely opportunities. Given that this does not interfere with my work schedule at LOFT, obviously. Forget "Seize the day." Seize the minute! (Ok, corny...)
  3. I need to get myself into prime shape for promotion at LOFT. Not that I'm not really there already--I'm a great worker (I hate to toot my own horn), and I'm the associate that has been there the longest that works regularly (2 1/2+ years!). I've already spoken to my manager and we are sitting down to talk on Tuesday. That being said, one of our sales lead positions is opening up in August and I'm really gunning for it! If I manage to get the promotion, I can still continue my full-time job hunt (or work another part-time job in the meantime). And I'm hoping to save up some cash money to start on that PT certification!
  4. Tada! Cute, right?!
  5. I will learn to be more resourceful! Working in retail, I'm one of those girls that has to have the new items when they come in. Though I will admit I'm getting better--I've only bought one outfit in the past 6ish weeks--yay me! There was a pair of longer jean shorts that just hit the knee that I wanted, but my assistant manager bought my size (0)--grr! Then this morning I had a fantastic idea! Take some jeans I already own, but rarely use, and make those into shorts! The result:
Oh yeah, and since my Droid was completely messed up... I know have an amazing new white iphone!! Expect more pics :)

Have an amazing weekend! I hope the weather is nice where you are! Now I must get ready for work--makeup, gym bag, food...the works!


  1. I know I have said it before, but I am so jealous of your job at The Loft. It is my favorite store and I have often said, I may have to get a job there just to get the discount. If only I had more time!

  2. Stacy--the Loft I work at is great! The girls are all SO friendly, and I couldn't ask for a better manager! Not to mention, the discount is definitely amazing. I know my store will hire some girls for just a couple days a week, and the shifts are usually no more than 4 1/2 hours... ;) In the meantime, I will keep you posted with our sales!