Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hey there dear readers! So this is the first of my official WILWs--What I Love Wednesdays!! Most of you seem to be enjoying my love lists, so why not designate one day a week to dish about what I'm loving?! Feel free to hop on the bandwagon! Also, I'm aware of WIAW--What I Ate Wednesdays--but I haven't read about WILW anywhere before. So if this is not an original idea, I apologize. I'm not trying to take credit for an idea that is not mine...

Here goes nothing!

WILW Love List!

  • My new Under Armour hoodie: Words cannot describe how AMAZING this hoodie is! Technically I think it's a yoga coverup kind of thing, but I just love wearing it to the gym in the morning! Especially the past few days, it has been a bit chilly in the mornings--I've even had to turn on my heat in the car on the way to the gym. So aside from the fact that I'm LOVING that the weather isn't torturous, I love that I'm able to wear this in the chilly morning, into the chilly gym, and while I warm up. Not gonna lie, I even throw the hood up sometimes. Just for that extra "cool" factor...not. Not to mention it's super soft and not too heavy so I can even wear it to the gym in the afternoon too!
Comfortable to the max!
  • Discounted protein powder: Today I realized I am running low on protein powder. Although I was up by the Vitamin Shoppe when I was tanning around noon today, I decided to hold off on stopping by. Good thing I did! About an hour after I got home, I received an email from the store with a coupon for 20% off my ENTIRE purchase! Cha-ching!! So naturally, I got back in my car and drove to the store. Walked right to the ON Whey Protein & walked out with a 5lb tub of Double Rich Chocolate powder for--get this--a whopping $36!!! Saved about $9 on that sucker.

Love is: protein powder larger than your head :)
  • Cooking perfection: So despite going in (willingly) to work for a couple hours to finish up 5 boxes of shipment at the store, today was my day off. With all my extra time, I decided to do some mid-week meal prep. In the form of baked chicken. Sprinkled with some Mrs. Dash seasoning. Now normally I either throw my chicken in a crock pot (so easy!) or pan fry it on the stove. Today I decided to bake it--after all, my oven was already on from roasting some zucchini for lunch. Set the timer twice, for a total of 50 minutes. When I uncovered the pan, I was welcomed with the delicious smell and even more delicious look of perfectly baked chicken! I'll let you see for yourself:
I really enjoy my seasonings...
  • Melissa & Gifts: Last night, my two friends Melissa and Keri came over. We were supposed to watch a TV show (cough, Pretty Little Liars, cough), but unbeknownst to me, my TV remote was not working, and when I tried to change the channel manually, somehow that was the only channel that I could not get! ABC Family is channel 42 here, and when I went to turn it on, it skipped from channel 40 to 43! Eek! That's okay though, because we had a good time anyway, and Melissa even brought me a graduation gift!! I was also messing with my new iphone at the time, so I took a picture of her lovely face.

She painted the glass & wrote me a sweet letter!
  • New toys (aka iphone): After the debacle that my Droid put me through last week--all of a sudden thinking that I had a headset plugged in?!--I received my new white iphone! So many gadgets are dark colors these days--shades of black or grey--and the white is just so refreshing! Granted, I'm looking for a cute case to cover it up (so I don't scratch it when I ultimately drop it), but I'm still loving it! I do have to say, the switch from the Droid to the iphone is a little confusing because I'm used to all the Google-based apps on the Droid, but the iphone has a lot more to offer.
Out with the old...

...In with the new!
Well folks, that's what I'm loving this week!

What are you loving this Wednesday?!

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