Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fail & LL

No matter how many times I try to make protein pudding, it always comes out terrible. Just when I think I find a decent recipe for it and mix it up, it has a water-like consistency. So what do I do? Add more ice. And what happens then? Still watery. So I gag it down eat it anyway. So not delish! Note to self: give up on protein pudding. It's better than the alternative of having to eat it...

Now for a recap: I'm feeling a lot better since my job search freak out yesterday. And I'm back in Charlottesville, where even though it's upwards of a 100 degree heat index, I feel like I can be more proactive in my hunt. And my training. I forgot to mention that a guest pass to my mom's gym is now $15...a day!! Can you believe that?! And unfortunately, they switched all the former Gold's Gyms to some sort of New Life Fitness or something like that. How frustrating! The good news is, once again, the beach is just a short drive away (less than 5 minutes), which means the majority of my cardio sessions were on the sand. This time I actually ran with my Vibrams on the sand and it felt so nice! Not to mention I didn't have to worry about getting my feet wet running so close to the water or getting sand in my shoes. Perfection!

This morning's view!
I do have to admit I was a bit distracted this time--there were SO MANY seashells! The water must have been rough overnight the past few nights or something because the shoreline was littered with them. And of course I had to stop mid-stride to pick up a few. Yes, I'm from the beach, and I will still collect an occasional seashell. That being said, I left the 3 really cool ones that I found at my mom's house. Without fail, I always manage to leave something there--last time it was the new workout gear I had purchased at the outlets.

I don't know if I'm just anxious without a full-time job or what, but if you haven't noticed, I've been making the 2 1/2 hour drive to my mom's house pretty often recently. Last weekend, the beginning of this week, and I have another trip planned 2 weekends from now for my sister's birthday. I'm not really one of those girls that likes to go home all the time--I've been comfortable in Charlottesville and I actually consider this my home now. But amidst all this uncertainty, maybe it just makes sense that home (VB) is the only thing that is certain. Or comforting and my mom will buy me things. Before I made the trek back today, I kinda sorta raided my mom's freezer--it was stocked with meat and things I can eat on my crazy nutrition plan. So the good news is: I don't have to go grocery shopping this week!! Although, the cashiers at Giant are probably going to be sad that they aren't going to see me buying massive amounts of protein. I think they'll live...

And now, LOVE List, Version 3!! It's been a while since I've done one of these, and given recent events, it's necessary :)

My Loves

  • Trader Joe's: Charlottesville does not have a TJ's (yet), so I made sure to take advantage of the one back home. It was a bit of a hike from my mom's house (~15 minutes), but well worth it! I do have to admit, in my opinion they are more of an organic retailer than they are for natural/hard-to-find foods, but I found prep-friendly foods all the same
  • Family time: It was very coincidental that I received my bad job news on my way down to visit my mom & sissy, but it felt good knowing that I have their support. My mom said something along the lines of, "You're not used to failing/being rejected." So true. I'll take it in stride.
  • Pajamas: I would be lying if I said the first thing I do when I get home from the gym in the evenings is shower and put on pajamas. In fact, if people ever want me to be social, they really have to twist my arm in order for me to do so. Getting ready to go out and hang out with people after an evening workout is almost like work. I can usually get ready pretty quickly, since I have the same routine every time, but I much prefer lounging in pajamas.
    Bahaha, high school. Baggy "PJs" and Twister (don't mix).
    Feel free to judge...
  • Netflix: A necessary evil love. I debated signing up for this a few weeks ago, and I finally gave in because I knew I would have a lot of free time during my job hunt. This doesn't mean that I'm not putting as much effort into finding a job, but I normally just listen to whatever show I'm "watching" and browse job sites, Facebook, Google Reader, Blogger, etc. Recent faves: Parks & Recreation and 30 Rock.
    Tom Haverford = Aziz Ansari = amazing!
  • Water: I slacked off on water a bit in lieu of other no-cal beverages when I was home, and I feel like death today! The heat is getting to me more than it should, and I know that if I was adequately hydrated, I wouldn't be feeling so lethargic. I almost took a nap this afternoon--and I am NOT a napper! Also, I should say this also applies to cool post-workout showers. SO refreshing!!
    I can has?! This shower plays music & has a light system!!
  • Jennifer from Capella Flavors: I ordered some flavor drops last week when the site was having a 5 for the price of 3 sale. Apparently one of the flavors I ordered is still in production, so Jennifer emailed me asking if I wanted another flavor or just to wait. I was unsure if this meant that the entire order would be shipped out later if I just wanted to wait. She said the in-production flavor (Vanilla Cupcake, yum!), would be shipped separately. I love great customer service. And I let her know so--I think I made her day :) 
You'll have to wait & see what flavors I ordered!
Review coming soon!
This is just a taste of my current loves. I think I may make this a weekly thing. I know other foodie bloggers have WIAW (What I Ate Wednesdays), but what about WILW (What I Love Wednesdays)? Or some other day of the week... THOUGHTS??

P.S. If anyone is blog savvy, I really need a revamp--I currently just use a blah template, but would like something more navigable. Help?!

P.P.S. Thanks for all the kind words on yesterday's post. I love you all :) and can't thank you enough for your positive thoughts!


  1. I just absolutely love your love posts! Must do this soon - it totally puts things in perspective & there's no way you can be unhappy reading/writing them :-)

  2. Thanks girl! I'll def keep the lists coming :)