Friday, June 3, 2011

For Becca! (And Then...A Showdown?!)

Yes, I mean you Becca! I was in the grocery store tonight and I found this:
Orange Creme Pop!
Obviously, by the lack of grocery store goodness in the background, I am now the proud owner of Extra Dessert Delights newest flavor: Orange Creme Pop! You're not the only one obsessed in love with gum and trying new flavors :) I must admit, I have yet to actually pop in a piece (it's kinda late here, and I should actually be brushing my teeth now), but I did unwrap the plastic so I could take a decent pic. And let me tell you something--judging by the smell alone, this gum is gonna be bangin'!

Note: I just googled to see if Extra released any other new flavors (I wasn't paying attention at the grocery store really, but the orange Dessert Delights package caught my eye at literally the last second), but both the Wrigley and Extra websites have not updated with this new flavor. Neither has their Facebook page. I'll let you know tomorrow if it's any good! And seriously--I'm addicted to gum! At one point, I bought 3 or 4 of those 3 packs of gum at Target. I received a coupon for $2 off 3 more 3 packs... When I went to use it, I got another! Both the cashier and I thought it was funny. Gotta love Target for enabling rewarding my gum-chewing habits.

On a non-gum related note, I met with Pleasants earlier today. We talked about my cookout craziness, my sore lower back, and just had a "mid-week" check-in before my weigh-in and stats on Sunday. I was definitely feeling like a guilty little 5 year-old going in there and telling him how bad it was, but after seeing that I'm not far away from what I was last week, we both think I'm gonna be okay. Granted, that doesn't mean I'm not still kicking myself, because at this rate, I could have been down more instead of re-losing what I (probably) gained. Lesson learned--can't say that enough.

Pleasants also told me exactly what I wanted to hear some good news regarding my back workouts. Let me first mention that deadlifts are not on them, and while I don't necessarily go heavy, I'm not supposed to do them. I didn't exactly realize that part of it (Pleasants has my workouts written out for me, and although it's a 4 day rotation, it can get a bit old sometimes)--that I'm not supposed to stray from the workout plan too. I already knew that about the nutrition plan, obviously. He said to save those kind of heavy lifts for the off-season, but right now with me having limited carb intake, it's not good for me. Words of an angel, right?! I HATE deadlifts! I've mentioned this before--hate them, hate them hate them! If I try to go heavy, I break form. If I try not to break form, I'm pretty much lifting pillows. Being ordered told NOT to do deadlifts was like music to my ears! Right now, Liz is a happy camper (oh yeah, but my back is still sore...)!!

Oh, and one last thing before I go to bed past my bedtime... What's a girl to do when she doesn't have a washer and dryer in her new place and is freaked out by doesn't want to waste money on laundromats??
Buy Febreze Sport, of course!! 
Stinky clothes, watch out! I'm coming for you!!
(And I need a manicure...)
Okay, yes, the Febreze was necessary. Was the photoshoot? No. But I decided it was a good idea all of 5 minutes ago. After many many a few attempts, this is what ya get--ta da! Yes, it's dimly lit, but I also don't have great lighting with the burgundy-red walls and all. May have to change that soon--the walls I mean... This stuff better work though! I was used to washing my Vibrams twice a week, but can't really do that anymore. Do you know what sweaty Fivefingers smell like? Well trust me, you really don't want to know!
Good night, friends!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog liz! I hope your back gets better! Injuries are the worst!

  2. I love gum...especially in prep! I'm going to look for this one...looks yummy.

  3. I found this gum about 2 weeks ago and I'm in love. They are suppose to have more flavors coming soon.

  4. Kaila--thanks, I hope so too!

    And I'm so glad to hear they are coming out with more flavors! I have to say, some of the previous dessert gum flavors I wasn't too terribly keen on (mint chocolate chip--very...interesting, after a while). But I do LOVE the orange creme pop! so delish!!

  5. I teach dance and my students are gum addicts- they have the craziest flavors, and I'm usually offered around 5 pieces of gum a day... Maybe I'll pick this one up as a treat for them- it looks delish!

    My husband and I live in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn and we have to haul our laundry several blocks by suitcase (no car!), so we have acquired enough clothes to go exactly one month in between laundry days... And yes- sometimes Febreeze saves the day!!

  6. I actually bought some because of Becca too but got my sister to send them to me from Boston because I have yet to see these flavors in Canada.

    as for taking your own progress pictures, I bought a tripod for like 30 dollars and screw my camera on there and take pics ( I saw your post on another blog : ) )


  7. Hey Liz! Just saw that you started following my blog, so I wanted to come check ya out :) I am excited to follow you through your own journey! Just a little secret, buy your gum through amazon! You will save TONS of $$$! During contest prep, I can easily go through 3 packs a gum a day. So I buy my gum by packs of 24. I am currently staring at my last purchase off of amazon which I bought 60 packs of gum! Now that I am not in prep, I barely go through a pack of gum, but still saves me some money! By the way, thanks for following me :)

  8. Keelie--I can't believe you lug all your laundry that far! Eek! I'm lucky enough to have a car, but right now I'm down at my mom's house...doing laundry. This time I actually came to visit/relax, but I won't give up a chance to do laundry for free :)

    Thanks for the tip on the tripod--sounds like a brilliant idea! You all **may** be seeing some progress pics soon perhaps!!

    And Meaghan--I can't believe I didn't think of that before! I buy pretty much everything else on Amazon already--coffee, more coffee...haha. 60 packs is impressive!!! I just bought like 15 at the store and thought that was a lot :)

  9. I had to scroll back to find this post...but I wanted to make sure I thanked you on the correct post!! When I saw that gum I knew I had to find it. :D I finally found it last week at Target and it was so yummy. Thanks for sharing. :)