Monday, May 9, 2011

DONE. And a New Love List

I'm done with my last paper of my undergrad career. Finished with 2 hours so spare (finished around 3, it's due by 5). Turning it in, via an online drop box, was accompanied by an odd feeling. I don't know how I feel!!! My head feels like it weights 10 pounds and there's like 100 bouncy balls in it. I feel lazy. I feel tired I am tired! I want to celebrate, but my celebration is working out at Gold's tonight. Kevin jokingly suggested some heavy squats to celebrate--yeah, right. The bad news about paper-writing is I get so wrapped up and I forget to drink my water! I'm so behind--I'm gonna feel like a whale this afternoon. Oh, and I do have to give a shout-out to my amazing lil guy who was patient with me while I ignored him wrote my 11-page paper.
Archie has a chewing habit, hence the tattered doggy tent
I don't know what to do with myself now. Well, I mean I guess I do. And I do have a lot coming up. I'm just glad that this gives me the time and energy I need to put all my focus and motivation into training for this figure competition and job hunt eek!. I'm not really great with resumes, because even though I know I'm an exceptional worker and have many great qualities, I'm really bad at putting it on paper. Luckily, my friend Celia is going to help me with that when she gets back from vacay this week--she's really good with things like that. For the time-being though, I'm going to look for a part-time serving position at one of the local restaurants. Really didn't want to serve again, but I do know a good amount of people at the restaurants around UVa, so I should be good to go(?).

In other news, I bring to you Love List #2:
Me & Sissy--Game ON girl!
  • Being done with college--This has to be top of my love list. It's now been a few hours since I initially started this post and it's finally kicking in--I'M DONE! I'm graduating in less than 2 weeks!!!! With this comes feelings of anxiety, happiness, and a whole lot of freedom. I'm especially glad that this gives me all the time and focus--both mentally and physically--I need to prepare for these competitions!**
  • Deciding to do 2 competitions--That's right, I said it. I am unofficially officially doing 2 competitions. They are 2 weeks apart, but after talking to Pleasants yesterday, we think it is a good decision. I say unofficially because I have yet to register for them, but I finally got in contact with the commissioner of the Old Dominion Classic and he added me to the mailing list to keep me updated with competition info. The second one is actually the original show that I was going to do that was pushed back to the first weekend in August. My original reason for not wanting to do this show was because of the date change, but with all of my timing issues, it makes sense to do both.
  • Results--This is week 3 of my new nutrition plan (well, week 2 if you don't count my carb depletion), and I hate to sound vain, but dang I look good! I also lost almost 3 pounds this past week as well as about 4 percent body fat, all while maintaining my muscle mass! Results? Heck yes! And I can see greater definition, which is always a plus. Keep it coming! Pleasants says I should be between 108 & 112 lbs by the date of the competition, and I know it's doable. My petite sister, Eleanor will be jealous! 
  • Working out with Kevin--Yes, I also have to add this to the list. Kevin is always the one that pushed me that extra bit during each set, each and every rep. He knows when I'm bullshitting and calls me out on it. He also lets me do what sometimes, like when I want to go up in weight during good mornings, showing up both him and our other workout buddy, Bob (in terms of % weight increase). Sorry boys, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do ;-) He also doesn't let me say things like, "I'll probably suck during the first competition, so I'm doing another one 2 weeks later to make up for it." Thanks for the support, Kevin!
  • Beach--Right now I am craving beach time! My absolute bestie, Katie, just graduated from JMU, and although I could not attend the event/festivities on Saturday, I am SO excited for her! She's attending WVU for grad school and I know she's going to kick some ass! So right now, she's back home in Virginia Beach and I'm stuck working and trying to find more work--yuck! But I know we will soon be reunited! I absolutely cannot wait to hang out with her--and her amazing fiance, Tommy!
  • Actually having time to watch TV at night--Now, I normally don't do this, but lately I do have time to sit lay down and watch some faves--How I Met Your Mother, anyone??
  • Katie & I--Only besties have this type of bond!
  • Waking up between 5-6am--I actually enjoy waking up this early because it makes me feel like I have control over my day. I get my workout in and, although I do tend to have a midday slump, overall I feel more energetic. Not to mention I get to see the sunrise and I get the sidewalks all to myself (for the most part).
Okay, you're turn! I'm going to turn my Love List into a weekly occurrence (hopefully), so if you would like to join in post your own love list in your blog and keep the optimism coming! I hope you enjoy these little tidbits of insight into my life. Next post: summer plans! Happy Monday night!

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  1. Hey girlfriend!! Congrats on finishing school. What a huge accomplishment! So aside from the competitions, what's else is going on? Remember to set other goals aside from just competition ones. I've been reading a lot on post-competition emotions. You def need to have a lot of other goals set for yourself because it's easy to become addicted to constantly seeing the results from dieting down and hard training. I just want you to come off of this super-healthy!