Saturday, May 14, 2011

MGD Filthy 5K: A Review

Let's get dirty! I repeated this phrase on numerous occasions leading up to the much-anticipated mud run that I took part in yesterday. Obviously, this run was more for fun that it was for competition, and I don't see how anyone could run it for time--there were spiraling stairs, slippery rocks, "death-defying" leaps (ha), and narrow trails. It was my first time doing a mud run and I really did not know what to expect except for mud and running.

We're two tough cookies!
At first, I was afraid my friend, Megan, and I would not make it in time--the race was slated to start at 6pm in Richmond and we didn't leave Charlottesville until around 5. Traffic was a b*tch!! But we raced to get there, and when we arrived we realized we weren' really that late--there was still a hugely long line to get our bibs and chips. After waiting in line for a good 45 minutes, we put on our race bibs, checked-in our bags and got pumped to start the race--but not before making a (porta) potty run!

First race run in just a sports bra...
I was impressed with the start of the race--after the 20(?) waves of starts, which we missed, they just opened up the course to all registered racers. Since we had the timing chips, it didn't really matter too much and it lessened congestion. Since I was there to get dirty and have fun, I made sure to run through every puddle, and Megan made sure to splash me numerous times...haha, jerk! I was kinda disappointed in the lack of mud though. I thought there would be more mud and since it had previously rained that day, I thought there would be anyway. But there was actually only one crossing of the James River, some scrambling over slippery rocks (over which everyone walked), one turn-around in the river/on the riverbank, and then a mud pit to crawl through at the end. I may have grabbed a couple handfuls of mud at the turn-around and Megan and I started our own mud war while running. Aside from that, there were areas of the course that went through the woods and they were a bit narrow, making it impossible to pass the walkers--which meant that there were periods of time where everyone was walking.

At the end of the race, I was soooo hungy--I hadn't bothered to pack food because I didn't think I would be in Richmond as long as I was. We left right before 5, so I missed that meal, which I realize I should have eaten before I left, and after waiting in line, running the race, etc., it was almost 9! Needless to say I was HUNGRY!! They gave us a pack of nuts, a Clifbar, and a small Powerade in our baggies, and I was pretty tempted to eat it all. After looking at the nutrition facts though, I decided against the Powerade--what a waste, all sugar!--and the Clifbar--44g of carbs! I debated, both internally & aloud, about eating the nuts, and finally I gave in. I felt a bit bad for doing it--they're pretty high in (good) fat, and I already had my carbs for the day, but I needed refuel, and I needed it then. I texted Pleasants about it, and after I admitted I was dumb for not even bringing a shake, he said I should go ahead and eat the nut then eat some egg whites and/or a shake when I got home. Good thing I ate them, because we didn't get back til midnight!! There was free live music and scrambling competitions and other fun we had to get our money's worth before heading back...

That all being said, I had SUCH a good time running the Filthy 5K! It was more of a fun run than a timed run, which is new to me, since I'm so used to running 5Ks for the time. My time was actually twice that of all the other 5Ks I've finished, but I'm not at all worried about it. I enjoyed the company of running with Megan, and I succeeded at my goal of getting super muddy! I don't have a bucket list, but I think I'm going to make one so I can cross these things off of them!

Have you done a mud run before? How did you like it? Did you do it for the fun of it (getting covered in mud) or for the challenge??

P.S. All the pics are from my Droid camera, which explains the poor lighting/quality/shininess!
Rinsing off in the river--the lines for hoses were TOO long!

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  1. We did one back in March (pics are on my blog somewhere). Looks like you had a blast. :)