Saturday, May 28, 2011


I'm up at 6. And the gym doesn't open until 8. I could go outside and run--after all, it did cool down with last night's storm--but I find that I'm less efficient when I run outside. Sure, time goes by faster, because I tend to create some sort of loop, but due to hills, heat, etc., I think I tend to run slower. Significantly slower. This has helped me learn to love the treadmill more though! And I'm not saying I hate running outside, I'm just saying I have to be in the right mood for it. And since this morning it was a bit of a struggle getting up at 6am, it is not one of those mornings.

The later half of this week has been riddled with frustrations, kinda. I'm back in the swing of things at work, and boy were those 5 days of not working heavenly!! I was burnt out just a little bit and was able to come back with renewed energy and a positive attitude--good to hear, right?! At least I think my managers think so ;) So that's obviously not what's frustrating, but surprisingly, it's the gym that has been! Or rather my performance at the gym. It started Thursday evening when I was all pumped to do a leg workout. I don't know if my body is just worn down from all the moving or what, but let me tell you something--I felt like it was 20 times harder than it had to be for all the exercises we did! We started off with seated squats on the rack...and normally, I'm a squat kinda girl! But throw in a weight bench to sit down on (or in my case, a box that was shorter since I'm shorter and Kevin wouldn't let me get away with using the same bench he and Bob were using), and I was a goner. I think the concept of sitting down during a squat is foreign to me, and kinda seems counter-productive. You're sitting down, which means you're resting. However, I neglected the fact that you then have to get off your butt, with the weight, and repeat. I tried negotiating with Kevin to let me do regular squats and I'd make sure they touch the rack every time, but that was a no-go. Grrr.

Of course we followed those up with my favorite most-hated leg exercise--box step-ups. Over the course of both the squats and these, there were times when I felt so frustrated that A) I was very close to tears in the middle of the gym floor and had to bite my lip not to, and B) I wanted to run off and hide in the women's locker room. I did neither. I had already done calves that morning (EVERY DAY, y'all!), so we finished up with some good mornings. Those weren't half bad. I don't mind them. Of course, my hips were hating me yesterday--I really need to work on flexibility--but it felt good knowing that something was coming a bit easier to me. All-in-all though, I whined, I talked back, and I felt like a 7-year old throwing a fit because I couldn't do the workout my way. I'm a bit ashamed. But not really--it was hard! And of course Kevin and Bob were there to witness my retaliation. Note to self: don't sh*t-talk on leg day!! EVER AGAIN!
B*tch please, I'm wearing a dress!
Do I look like I wanna train legs?
At this point, I thought leg night was the last of my workout woes, but yesterday was the same story, kinda of. Cardio has been good, been on point, and I've managed to keep up my energy for it. So that's no worry at all. But yesterday we did just biceps, for times sake (and since I was still sort of drained from the previous night). I don't think it was a matter of me not being able to do things, but the weights we were using were pushing me slightly out of my comfort zone, and not in a good way. It wasn't really a matter of sacrificing form for weight, because I could lift the darn things (in this case doing bar curls with the easy bar), but I couldn't fully do the amount of reps necessary. I mean, I guess that's why I have Kevin as a spotter, and he told me just to focus on the negative and he would help me get it up there, but by the end of that, I was starting to feel a case of Jello Arms coming on.

We followed those with some cable curls, and I think I started out too heavy, but at any rate, it just wasn't coming easy. I have an interesting relationship with the cable machines. I really do like them, but there are times when I feel like my shoulder doesn't cooperate with me and the machine, so it's hard for me to rotate my arm into position. If that makes sense. So last night, while we were doing cable curls, it's not that I felt that the weight was too heavy for me to curl, but it was that it was too heavy for my shoulder to adapt to. I asked Kevin if my form looks off, but he said form was good, it was just because my muscles are fatigued. At any rate, when we went to do our one set of concentration curls, me with 10lbs, Jello Arm had fully set in. It was a struggle to get my arm up, and even so, I felt like it came crashing down faster than an anvil in a cartoon. Moments like those make me leave slightly embarrassed--I know I can do so much more, but I end up looking weak. And I don't like looking weak.

Luckily unluckily, it is going to be a few days til I workout with Kevin again. Today he's busy, tomorrow I leave for home (aka Virginia Beach), and on Monday the gym closes early, so by the time I get back in town, I won't be able to get a workout in with him. Sunday is my off day anyway, so it's not like I'm skipping a workout, and I may buy a guest pass at my mom's gym back home--though I hear it's crazy expensive now! If not, I'll just do my cardio by running through the neighborhood (or better yet, early early early in the AM on the beach!), and find something heavy to lift at my mom's place. Hmm, she does have Sebastian (our really fat cat)... And there are currently 2 miniature schnauzers there too--what do you think, chest presses with one in each hand??

Okay, on to more interesting things:
If you have been keeping up with me for a while, you know that I have had some a LOT of issues regarding my posing suit. In that I don't have a suit yet because the lady I gave my deposit to has been ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE about follow-up!!!! I emailed her about 4 times just reminding her to send me fabric swatches! Half of those either didn't get a response or got one...a week or two later. And this lady was recommended to me--by two different people! By the end of last week, I was fed up, so I sent her an email:
Hi _____--

I still haven't heard back from you regarding the fabric samples or my competition date change. I understand that it's a busy time of year with competitions, but I was hoping to at least have received a follow-up from you since I sent you my deposit several weeks ago. This is a great stress to me, especially given that this is my first competition. Unfortunately, I do not think I can continue to do business with you, as I want to ensure that I have an appropriate suit by the time I compete. I would appreciate it if you would refund my deposit.

Liz Kurland
Professional, not bitchy (like I wanted to be/was in my head), and to the point. Her response was that she was cutting the swatches tonight and would have them to me by the next week. Really, you haven't even cut the swatches yet? Do you own a pair of scissors??? Let me just remind you that I put the deposit down the 2nd week of March--March, and this suit was originally intended for the June 12 show that I decided was too early. I even told her I had chosen a later show, I did everything that I was supposed to do, I asked her if 11 weeks was enough time (at the time) to get my suit done, I sent her pictures of what I wanted. And all I got was an email telling me that she had neglected my suit and my money basically. I was not a happy camper. So I did what anyone would do--I stretched the truth and told her I had found another suit and just wanted a refund. Which she obliged, but her last email to me really irks me:
Its been refunded.  Good luck with your show.  Please accept my apology in regards to my dropping the ball with the samples.
So many things wrong with that last sentence. First, I don't think she ever "caught" the ball to begin with. It shouldn't take 8 weeks to send out samples, woman! I understand it's a busy time, but there are no excuses. Second, I can't accept her apology, all I can do it accept my refund (which returned to my bank via Paypal Thursday, thank goodness!). Letting go of all frustration.

Luckily, in this whole mess ordeal, I was able to find another suit, but I want your opinions before I hit the gas with this one.
What do you think?? This suit is from and they have a ton of suits on there for a reasonable price. Also, I like that they have a really quick turn-around time (which is really important to me now more than ever, given the previous suit fiasco), which enables me to wait a couple more weeks and get more accurate measurements to send in. Should I hit "order" or do you have any suggestions for other suit designers??

Anyway, I have officially passed enough time so I can now get ready for the gym!! Today is going to be a back day, I do believe! And in other news, my long-lost amazing friend Cijlvere (pronounced "Silver") is in town last night/today, and I managed to throw on some clothes (instead of pajamas) and go hang out with her for a bit. She follows my blog and stalks my life has been able to stay updated with all my crazy competition ramblings, so we had fun talking/catching up. I got home past my bedtime, but made sure I was in bed by 11pm, so not terrible. But at any rate, Cijlvere is going to be in the audience for my August 6 show, since it will be near to her new apartment!! YAY!!!

I challenge you: Go get your Saturday morning workout on!!

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