Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Man Overboard!

The phrase seriously sums up how I feel tonight. I woke up early to get in my abs/calves/1st cardio, and when I got home I was feeling very much awake. As the day went on, I took some time for myself--the calm before the storm (of final papers)--and pretty much just watched online TV. Oh, and I had my interview &I made a trip out to Target--Archie got some new treats and bones that he is LOVING!!!
Archie's EXACT reaction...

My second round at the gym was at 4 for legs--hit them HARD. And silly me didn't think "Oh today is leg day and I have to work afterward for 4 hours so I probably shouldn't wear heels." Nope, I wore them--as I was driving in the car I realized my mistake--I could feel a little tightness as I stepped on the gas/brakes as necessary. And then, with 15 minutes to spare before I had to be on the clock at LOFT, I whipped out my 9 ounces of chicken and broccoli. I'm a bit afraid of what happened next--I DEVOURED it! All of it! Yesterday I was having a hard time finishing even 8 ounces, and yet today I almost still felt hungry. Almost--it was actually water that I was "hungry" for.

It had to be the combination of my ass-kicking workout (thanks, Kevin!) and my refuel afterward, but my energy levels rapidly sank like a hit ship. Faster than the Titanic--that's how quickly. I honestly have no idea how I managed to get through work. But I did, so no biggie! I'm taking all of this as a learning experience though--I mentioned to Pleasants my energy drain and he said that's bound to happen with the carb unload (which is Wednesdays through Saturdays). I mean, it definitely makes sense, but if anything I wouldn't expect to start feeling the dragging sensation until Thursdays. Interesting.

Tomorrow I have a 5:30 workout, so I should probably get in bed soon (I'm currently on the bed, but I don't think that's the same thing). I do want to share with you a delightful little picture that will soon be talked about again on this blog for sure...
See what that says on that little package there?! STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE COFFEE!!!! I have yet to mention that I LOVE strawberries! In fact, I'm actually (more than) a bit bummed that I won't be able to eat any during the prime strawberry season (May) this year. Back home in Virginia Beach, we have an agricultural area called Pungo filled with farms and tons of strawberry patches. Memorial Day weekend they even throw a festival--The Pungo Strawberry Festival. I can't tell you how sad I am that I won't be able to indulge in a strawberry shortcake or a strawberry daiquiri--I wasn't of legal age last year, so this would be the first year I could actually try a fresh one. SIGH. There's always next year, and as far as I know, I'm not going anywhere.

But anyway, I'm excited to try the coffee--just have to get through the bag that I'm currently working on--Hazelnut Cinnamon. And doesn't the sugar-free syrup look good too?! Vanilla! Not sure if it will taste alright with the strawberry shortcake coffee, but you know I'm still going to try it (just in case)!
Fave! I loved her as a little girl, and still do!
In fact, aside from Ariel, I wanted to be her!
P.S. I've read a lot of blogs that have May promises/resolutions(?), so I'm totally on board with this idea (okay, yes, this is contradictory to the blog title--but that refers to my energy)! In case you haven't already figured it out, I'm trying to be more optimistic while maintaining my oh-so-subtle sarcasm. I've even incorporated 5 smiles in today's post--6 if you count yours if you are currently smiling or at any point did smile while reading this.

Can you find all 5 smiles?? Two of them are a little bit tricky. Are you doing anything special for May? Are there any fruits you love or things you would love to do but have to miss this month??

I hope you all have wonderful dreams about being your favorite childhood storybook characters tonight!

P.P.S. Shout-out to Brantley over at the Newsplex! Miss you already, you mentor, you (and our coffee club "meetings"...because everyone knows coffee means business)!!

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  1. Nothing we HAVE to miss this month, but we just missed the Europa expo and show and I was completely bummed. Our (Florida's) strawberry festival is in not much help on that front.

    I wanted to be Ariel too! I used to put a ring around my knees and try to swim like a mermaid. :D