Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Phew! Wait--Now What??

It's been a busy few days to say the least! I haven't worked since Thursday, but in all honesty, I wouldn't have had the time (I purposely requested off Saturday thru tomorrow at noon). Let's see: Friday I signed up for tanning with Megan--gotta get me some color before the end of July--and procrastinated started packing a box boxes. I kept justifying that I really didn't have that much stuff once I moved my furniture, etc. So wrong, kinda.

Sissy and I at Beer Run (don't worry, I didn't drink!)
Saturday I woke up at 6 am, hung around til 7 then took my last run around UVa grounds as an undergrad. Followed up with shoulders and bis at the gym and then waited around until my family got to town. Of course this weekend was filled with lots of eating out--twice on Saturday and once on Sunday. I managed to stay on prep, for the most part. I did eat the goat cheese and walnut halves that came on my spinach salad on Saturday...and I ate the feta and kalamata olives that came on my tuna steak salad on Sunday...but come on, it's college graduation, it only happens once (as an undergrad). Sure, I felt a bit guilty, but it happened, and it really wasn't that bad. Saturday night was sushi, so I got sashimi pieces and seaweed salad--some wise (and delicious) decisions, if I do say so myself!

Saturday night's Sashimi
Okay, okay, on to the things you are dying to hear about! Graduation was SO GOOD, yet SO long. Outdoors. In the blazing sun. But that's part of UVa tradition, and we were lucky that the rain held off. Besides, I'd much rather have graduation outdoors than inside, it's a lot prettier that way. The lawn ceremony took 2 1/2 hours, and my degree ceremony was right after. There were maybe 50 of us graduating from the Environmental Science department, so it went quickly. Now that I look back, it was all a blur, and I spent the better part of the lawn ceremony trying not to fall asleep under the spring/summer heat and texting my mom about her whereabouts and where to eat. But alas, I'm an alumni. Weird words. Yet truth. Here's to the real world!
On grounds before the ceremony
Oh my God--I'm actually holding my diploma!!
After lunch, my mom went with me to Ann Taylor and kindly bought me a suit jacket and dress for my interview today--I didn't want her to leave without getting an opinion from her, since the only interviews I've ever really had were for retail/restaurant jobs. I think the outfit was a winner (or we will see...). My sister wrote me a handmade card--complete with sketches. I teared up--I love my family!
Love you mommy! (Don't hate me for including this pic!)
After the fam left, it was cookout time with Megan, Kevin, and Martell. The menu: turkey burgers, grilled zucchini & asparagus, salad, and vegetarian chili. All great! Props to the grill master (aka Kevin)! Perfect relaxing evening to an eventful weekend!
Bye bye Sissy & pups! Archie is on vacation at my mom's
 house while I get settled

Of course all that relaxing had to end at some point--Monday was filled with moving. A lot of moving. Agonizing moving. In very hot weather. Kevin was kind enough to help me move my big furniture since I don't have a truck and definitely could not do that on my own. An hour to an hour and a half later, and I was moved into the new place. But still not settled. And I don't blame myself for counting moving as my strength training and second cardio--I moved from the second floor of a house to the in-between first and second floor of my new apartment building (aka the first floor is a bit below ground level). So yeah, I had my fair share of stair climbing and heavy lifting. Got a little squished at times but I didn't hurt myself--yay!

Now on to what you are most likely looking forward to hearing about--the interview. It went well I think! A LOT better than the phone interview at least and I conducted myself very properly. Had some questions for the interviewers, which I think reflects well on me. I just hope that my resume and interviews, along with my friend's recommendation, puts me at an advantage. My fingers are crossed! There's no doubt that I need/want this job and this place would be an amazing opportunity to be employed by!

Today is an errand day--and back to work, yuck! I've gotten so used to not working at Loft...but I gotta live, right? My new room is almost all settled--just have to put a few more pictures on the walls (after I find out where to put them). Well, that's my five-day recap! I have some major catching up on blogs to do!!


  1. Yay!!!! I'm glad your interview went well, and CONGRATULATIONS on graduating :-). Such a weird feeling, right?

    ++ That dress is to die! Killin 'em.

  2. Congratulations on graduating and the job interview!! That dress looks awesome! Good purchase!

  3. Thanks gals! I'm still waiting to hear back (of course, I'm not going to hear anything over the weekend...) and the long weekend doesn't help my impatience!