Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend? What Weekend?

It's been one of those weekends--the kind where I feel like I've been at work more than I haven't and it's really not much of a weekend at all. Yesterday, after my 2 posts, I had to head into Loft for an 8 hour shift--which meant no time for a second round of cardio. I didn't get out until 9, and even if the gym was open (which it wasn't), I was so exhausted that I wouldn't have been able to do more than walk on the treadmill. I totally justified it by counting it as my second round of low-intensity cardio by saying that since I was on my feet for those 8 hours and it was our Style Event (read: extra busy), it was definitely a workout. I think sometimes retail counts as cardio, right??

I only got a slight reprieve from the busy store last night--enough time to catch a 9:40 showing of Bridesmaids--SO.GOOD! When it started, I was unsure if I would like it, because it is definitely a different kind of movie--kind of like Juno (which I LOVED/own)--but I more than warmed up to it. It was so awkwardly funny that you couldn't help but laugh and enjoy it. If you like the normal dude humor of movies like The Hangover and Wedding Crashers, then you are sure to love this movie. Can I get a 'yay' for awesome leading female roles?!

Today is my rest-up/fatten up carb-load day, which started at 6am. Still have to be up early to get in my meals even if I'm not working out in the morning :) I don't really mind it though--it's starting to become habitual. Opened at the store at the (not-so) bright and early hour of 9:30, and by the time I got off at 1:15 I was just ready to relax. I had to meet with Pleasants--results weren't too great this week. I gained 0.3 lbs, which he reminded me isn't that terrible since it was my last stress week of the semester. I can only half agree because I know that part of it was (probably) my nutrition on Friday after the race--those darn nuts were not part of my plan!--and I've been a bit sedentary when I'm not working out or working. Let's be honest--sometimes you just need to rest. And sometimes you just need to rest your eyes on a Sunday afternoon catching up on last night's SNL while laying on your bed. But of course, the moment I got up to get into my bed instead of on it, I woke right up. Thus, grocery shopping!

Sunday is by far my new favorite day to go grocery shopping--I've started going to Giant, which is amazing at marking things down. I got SIX things of the leanest ground chicken breast for a total of $9! Add to that a few necessities, some $1 frozen steamer veggies, etc., and I was only $38 poorer. Or as I like to think of it (this time and this time only), many groceries richer!! They also had Jones' (diet) sodas on sale for $1 and since I kinda love them, I had to get a few. Which reminds me, is diet soda bad during prep? Even if I'm still getting in my gallon of water each day on top of that?? I'm normally not a soda person, but sometimes I just need one for the caffeine/artificially-sweetened taste-ha!

Aside from that, I'm so stoked to get into the gym in the morning! I feel like it has been forever, even though it has only been a day. This week I pledge to hit every workout and hit it hard! I need to see results! Maintaining this early on is not in my plan. I know I have what it takes to push that little bit extra :)

What are you excited for this week?!

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  1. That's great about the grocery store! Ah perks. You got this week, I'll do the same thing!