Sunday, April 3, 2011

Au Revoir, My Good Friends!

Definitely not me, but that's my bikini.
No, I don't mean goodbye to you, blogging world. But rather, I'm saying farewell to my two dear friends--my boobs. That's right, I said it. Unfortunately, these two have been innocent victims of my training. Curiosity got the best of me a few minutes ago, and since I don't have my competition suit yet, I tried on a pretty tiny Victoria's Secret string bikini. First let me mention that I wore this bikini just a few weeks ago when I was down in Florida on vacation, and my girls fit just fine in it. Well...not today! I couldn't even fill out the darn thing--and it was a small! Sigh. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but I was hoping later.

This brings me to some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I'm obviously noticing results in my top half--i.e., my shoulders, chest, back. The bad news is that I'm not so much noticing the results on bottom. But once again I'm not too objective, and I still need to snap some darn progress photos. And take measurements! Luckily, I do have somewhat of initial measurements (from January, when I first buckled down into training mode). I know, I know--BAD LIZ! But it will eventually get done, especially since I need to send my measurements out for my suit. Well, I guess if I had to say something positive about my lower half, I'd say that I'm definitely leaning out a bit. For instance, the waist on my pants is getting looser, but at the same time, I think I'm still holding on to my "love handles" if you will. Also, I did notice today when I was on the stretching machine that my thighs seem to be a little bit more muscular--I guess that would explain why my jeans fit the same in the legs...

Mount Trashmore--the only (manmade) "hill" in Virginia
Beach. I had many a cross-country practice here. 
OH WELL. All I can do is train hard harder and work my ass off--literally. Speaking of which, I did have an awesome workout today! Except for having to stop my HIIT abruptly because I urgently had to use the restroom, I got in an awesome run! Well, 2 awesome runs since I stretched, etc., in between. Unfortunately, the treadmill I usually use was taken and the one of the same kind next to it was broken. The third of its kind has a TV attached to it, and that just gets too annoying for me because it shakes incessantly and I do not like things in front of my face when I run--headache! So ultimately, I had to use a different kind of treadmill, which only goes up to a speed of 7:30 minute miles. This was no good for HIIT, so I modified my workout and did several different intervals--first a 7:30 pace for 45 seconds at an incline of 5% followed by a 1 minute 15 second recovery, then a 8:00 pace for 30 seconds at an incline of 10% followed by a 1 minute 30 second recovery. Trust me, it was harder than it sounds, especially since I'm originally a beach girl (i.e., no hills).

Alas, no...
Even though Kevin was hesitant that this was a true HIIT workout, when I told him "Let's see you try sprinting up hills!" he didn't say a word. Touche! Shouldn't have been so sassy though, because then he kicked my ass a bit with my ab workout. The joke is on him though, because I will make the best of any workout :) Ah, but yes, do not let me forget the original point of this blog--saying goodbye... I would say that I hope to see my boobs again soon, but I know that is not possible without gaining weight. And that is the last thing I want to do! So even though we've been through some good times together and I will miss them dearly, I don't mind if they stay away for a while. As long as I reach my ultimate goal, I'm happy!


  1. Hang in there! I feel like the bottom half is taking forever for me too and I think that's because it consists mostly of those big muscles, so they take more training and work than the smaller muscles do. You have nothing but time. OH, and have three kids, breastfeed them all, then lose 80lbs. Boobs? No such thing! They are sad, very very sad!!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I always look forward to your comments!