Saturday, April 16, 2011

More rain? Really?

I resisted the temptation of Skinny Cow...
I awoke this morning to gloomy skies and more wet weather. Unfortunately, this meant I didn't get in a trip to the City Market this week, but I made the best of it. I enjoyed a nice breakfast of egg whites with spinach and tomato before heading out for a little grocery shopping--traded in my 1.5L water bottle for a gallon jug. Who's a big girl now?! And of course I hit up the gym!

I have to say, one of my favorite things about going to the gym is not knowing how my workout will turn out. I go in with a plan in my head of what I want to get accomplished and how I want to go about my routines. But once I get going, my plan is always altered--for the better. The weather had me in a bit of a funk (as usual), but I was determined to get in there and bust out a decent workout, especially since I'm meeting with my posing coach for the first time tomorrow. I was initially debating between some steady state cardio and an HIIT workout. I chose the HIIT. My original plan was to warmup for 5 minutes and do my usual intervals--45 seconds on at a 8.5 speed, 75 seconds off at a 7.0 speed. But my warmup was too easy. And I was feeling particularly "fun." So I amped it up and my cardio played out like this: 1 minute on at 9.0 speed (6m40s pace), 1.5 minutes off at 7.0 speed (8m34s). Repeat for a total of 6 intervals, aka 15 minutes. I also intended to do 1 minute on, 2 minutes off for a total of 5 intervals, but once I started, I didn't think I needed the extra 30 seconds recovery. And I really didn't--felt good leaving the gym later! Unfortunately I couldn't stay to get in some weights (bis and tris), because I had to meet a good friend to talk about job openings at her company (eek!!), so I will have to do those later.

That reminds me though--Archie and I went on another run yesterday and he ran (almost) the whole way!! I got a little bit frustrated at one point though. Let me first mention that, at UVa, there's pretty much 2 areas where kids live off campus--I live in the most neighborhood-esque of the two, as do the majority of the kids that live off-grounds. This is the area that's also riddled with sorority and fraternity houses. And of course with it being spring, there are a ton of formals going on, especially this weekend. Well, as I was running, I noticed a large group (approximately 100-150 people) up ahead on the side of the street that I was on, right outside one of the frat houses. So I made a point to cross the road because Archie gets easily distracted and is also a little skittish around large amounts of people. Not to mention these kids had clearly been drinking (they're heading to a formal--what do you expect?). So the pup and I are now on the opposite side of the street and the entire group starts crossing the street!!! Not only that, but they were: A. walking in front of me/not letting me get by, B. trying to pet Archie (normally this would be okay, but I was in the middle of a run, they were drunk, and too many people), and C. just RUDE!! I felt kinda awkward because I had to pick Archie up (he literally just stopped mid-stride) and pretty much push my way through the throng of people. If I got my nasty sweat on any of their dresses, oh well, not my fault.

But we got home okay and Archie did get to meet some friends (one of the neighbors next door and his friends), so he was content. In other news, regarding my cryptic post yesterday, I think things are turning out okay, but I will have more info on that Monday night/Tuesday. Now for the rest of this weekend, I have work, more work tomorrow, a gym sesh, posing practice, a paper and a fact sheet to write, and my resume to work on. I'm actually kind of excited to say I get to work on my resume, and I shouldn't have to change much since I just redid it back in November!
The straw seemed like a better idea than the awkward jug.
Inevitably, it fell in and has yet to be retrieved.

Do you plan your workouts? If so, do you ever stray from them (for the better) or do you stay according to plan??


  1. Hey girl! Thanks for following my blog, I'm going to follow yours, too :) Looks like we will be in prep at the same time (I start on Monday). Go you for doing this while you are still in college. My last semester I spent doing anything but working out :-p

  2. Ahhhhhh... I am currently in my last semester too, with no idea what's going to happen after graduation in LESS THAN A MONTH. Freaking. Out. So good to see someone else in the same boat as I am though - it's a veryyyy difficult lifestyle to maintain while still in college, so... MORE POWER TO US :-). Also, jugnation 4ever lmao.

  3. I think the kids in my class are giving me odd is my first day with my upgrade to the water jug IN CLASS! And yes, definitely freaking about graduation! I have NO IDEA what I want to do, and keep changing my mind (why am I an environmental science major!?). Regardless, WE ROCK!