Saturday, April 9, 2011

Silly (yet productive) Saturday

So the plan for today was to wake up, go to the Charlottesville City Market (aka farmer's market) and hit the gym for training at 10:30. And that was pretty much how the day played, except sneak a Target run between the City Market and gym, and push training back to 11, but add a 30 minute run in there. Anyway, I was extra bored excited today, so I decided to capture some key moments.

Replacing coffee with more water--1.5 liter bottle here!
Yay water!
Let me also say, the attempt at coffee is going really well! Er, that is, until I decided to buy a thing of decaf today at the store. Folgers, if I'm not mistaken. However, I don't think I'll be indulging in it too often, because honestly, it tastes like sour disgustingness crap. I don't think it's the fact that it's decaf, but rather the fact that it's Folgers. Who knows. Lesson learned though--this is a sign that I should just give up on the whole coffee-in-the-afternoon thing!

Archie was feeling a little left-out affectionate this morning, so I gave him free rein over my bed as I got ready. I think he likes being higher up. He's always wanting to get in my lap, get on the couch or the bed, look out the window... I think he secretly wishes he were a larger dog, but sadly, he's miniature. Regardless, he got some "tall time" today, and got to relax on my pillows bed looking out the window at the passing cars. I have to admit, I did try to exploit his adorable puppy-dog face so it could grace the pages of my blog, but he wasn't having it. Instead, he decided he would show his mommy some love--by licking her in the face! If only you knew where that snout has been! Oh, the simple life of a dog.
Archie didn't want to take pictures this morning,
 but he did show some love!

Out the door and on to my day! I managed to find a handful of things I wanted needed at the City Market, including: fresh kale, farm-raised eggs, butternut squash, and fresh chevre. The butternut squash I bought on a whim because they were $1 a piece, so I have yet to figure out what I will do with them. But the kale and eggs were on the top of my list of things to hunt down. Luckily, there aren't an overabundance of vendors, so it was pretty easy. All I had to do instead was price hunt. In my search, I was fortunate to come across a cheese stand, and due to my addiction love of goat cheese, I immediately thought of the smooth substance. They had it--yes!! Should have gotten 2 because I use that stuff every morning in my eggs. Oh well, the City Market is there every Saturday.

My goods--in route to the gym!
All unpacked. So excited for fresh, local produce!
Next stop--Target! Now, I was actually going there just to kill time and look around without buying anything, but when I see those little red markdown stickers, I-- I just can't help myself! Especially when they are on PROTEIN BARS! Lucky day? I think yes! This is what I walked out with:
9 individual Muscle Milk Light bars + 1 eaten en route to Gold's, as well as a box of 6. All this for less than $11. That's more than a bargain--that's a steal if I've ever seen one! Side note, I think they slashed prices to make room on their shelves for the new Iron Girl PowerBar Protein bars that they, exclusively, are selling. Excited/curious to try those new ones too!

Well, all done with spending money for the week weekend, and off to Gold's! As mentioned, I got a decent run in--3 miles in 25 minutes ( I exaggerated the time by a tiny bit earlier...though I did do a cool-down brisk inclined walk). Then it was back to shoulders for the first time in a few days, and I was having a few problems, i.e., my left shoulder locking up, and my right shoulder raising itself on two respectively different exercises. All-in-all though, I got through it and survived!

Since I didn't have work today (shocking!), I was at a loss of what to do with my time since the weather was a bit crappy overcast & drizzly. Thus, I did what any starving girl would do--made Batch #3 of protein brownies! I must say, I think I outdid myself this time. The entire house smelled like the delicious brownies (of which I have yet to taste). But judging on smell alone, these are perfection!
Brownies, post slicing--messed up the edges a bit.
Today's ingredient combination: brownie batter protein powder and flavored sugar-free applesauce. I'll report back once I try them (tomorrow)!

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