Sunday, April 10, 2011

Run, Puppy, Run!

Archie and I just got back from a run around the neighborhood! We had a few pit stops (he had to poo and he gets very curious anytime we pass someone), but overall, he did a good job! And so did I since I've just been running on the treadmill with 0% incline most of the time. Side note: in case you didn't know, Charlottesville is a pretty hilly area. 40 minutes later and we are back, though I'm a little less sweaty than I would care to be. Works to my advantage though, because once again I decided to exploit my puppy it's picture time! I love that MacBooks have webcams built in, by the way. So here's our lovely photo shoot:
Okay, okay, I know I'm a dork. But he's just too precious! And this was his very first run! We've been on walks before, and he's always been a little too eager to go faster than me and try to pull me along. It was a nice, breezy evening so I figured it would be the perfect time to test out his stamina. Aside from a few short periods of walking, he ran the whole way. I'm so proud of my little Archibald! Note to self: next time bring a water bottle for the little guy. But how silly are those pictures?! My favorite is the first one, where he's all too eager to get his picture taken. But I'm also a fan of the last, where he's a little more subdued and acting like a perfect gentleman. And now? He's sleeping in my arms as I type this post. If only I could get a picture without rousing him...

P.S. There was a LOT more to this photo shoot, but for your sake and so I don't look like a complete loser, I narrowed it down to just 4.

Do any of you run with your dogs? Big or small breed? How well do they handle it?

Enjoy your Sunday evening!

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