Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Keep On Truckin'

Caffeine goodness!
That's my motto for this week: Keep on truckin'. So far, even with my carb depletion, my energy levels have remained high. Thank goodness for coffee--caffeine is like my drug. I need it and I want it and I have to have it! Okay, okay, I'm really not that bad, but I do enjoy my coffee. Other forms of caffeine just aren't the same. Something about a warm cup of joe is just...comforting. Especially the flavor-infused kinds. Today I opened a bag of Hazelnut Cinnamon coffee, added a touch of sugar-free hazelnut syrup--delicious!

I also managed to get my run in pretty early today--headed out at 6:45, ran for a half hour, and managed to stay dry (aka the rain held off til I was done). It was a good feeling to be done with cardio that early. I'm normally up around that time now anyway, so it works out well. It was a little funny though, because Charlottesville is full of so many runners, but I saw maybe one on my run this morning. Interesting.

That's a creepy leprechaun...
On a different note, I tried both my new protein powders yesterday and I am in love!! The rocky road whey protein powder seriously tastes like rocky road! The first thing I said (while at my internship) when I sipped it was "Oh my God, I taste marshmallows!" Which then spurred a conversation about how marshmallows are fat-free and then somehow Lucky Charms came up... Needless to say, I'm sticking with Optimum Nutrition from now on. Then after my second workout last night, I tried the casein protein (chocolate cake batter flavored) by making a protein pudding. Also delicious! I do have a question though--I heard there was a way to make protein pudding without using actual pudding mix--anyone know how?? Mine tastes good, but it's not thickening up like it should. So confused.

Well, I have to get ready for a 2 minute presentation in one of my classes, but I hope you enjoy your day! I should have more interesting things to post on later this week :) Sorry I'm a bit boring right now, sigh. Oh, and my only problem this week: resisting the urge to step on the scale. Weigh-in is NOT an everyday thing!


  1. I don't have a recipe (I've always used the box mix and add protein powder). But I do know that it won't set if you use soy milk or almond milk. (The box says so about soy milk...but I learned the hard way with almond milk). I also like to freeze the protein pudding in individual dishes after I make it. It makes for a yummy treat that lasts awhile, since it's frozen. :P

  2. I. LIVE. FOR. COFFEE!!!! LOL. I got so excited at this picture hahaha oookay addict. & I have never heard of protein pudding! Wooohoooo adding this to my repertoire stat :-)

  3. I've heard of people making pudding with just the powder and as much liquid as it takes to make pudding consitency. I haven't tried it though. I'm with ya, love my coffee. And my Jack3d- that totally gets me going in the morning =)

  4. I was getting on the scale everyday and it started to drive me BATTY. I hide it under the bed except for a mid week and official saturday weigh in now to save sanity!

  5. Thanks for all the feedback! I'm definitely going to try freezing the pudding. Also, I've been using unsweetened coconut milk, so that probably causes the same problem as soy milk and almond milk. I'm also gonna try what you said, Lisa--I'm sure I'll eventually figure this out. Hmm, I see an experiment coming out of this...

    My coffee addiction is seriously so bad that I started having to keep my wallet at home when I would go to class. Even though I had JUST brewed a pot of coffee (and downed it) at home, I would still shell out $2 a day at one of the library coffee spots so it would still be warm by the time I got to class. Yeah, I know, completely irrational!

    Becca--I am/was the same way! I'd get on in the morning AND at night after my workouts. Can you say excessive?? I was weighed in yesterday just to see how my carb depletion is working and I was told not to look. It took all my power not to, but I did resist!