Friday, April 29, 2011

Love List

With the semester winding down, I'm stressed beyond belief in a good mood! So given my mood, I present to you my Love List:

Things I LOVE

  • Severe weather--everything about it is just so interesting. Tracking a storm via radar, watching it come in, the warnings, the anticipation! I honestly can't say that I was scared at all over the past few days with all our severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings. The only time I really thought about it was this morning when I was heading back from the gym, in a time crunch for work, and had to shower...while lightning was flashing. What did I do? I showered.
  • My blogs--both reading and writing. The community I have scoured the internet to find stumbled upon is amazing, to say the least. Each and every day I'm filled with new inspiration and new recipes. And the occasional new friend :) As long as you all keep writing, I will keep reading!
  • The outdoors--Spring has sprung and, despite some bouts severe weather, we have seen high temps and beautiful blue skies. Perfect for enjoying some outdoor activities! My personal favorite time(s) to go outside to run are right around sunrise (6:30am) and right around sunset 7:30-8pm). Since there's still light out, I'm awake and I usually am able to catch a cool breeze. Archie even likes to accompany me on occasion!
  • Getting my sh*t together--for the past several weeks I've been attempting to get through my competition prep, but I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. Now, with a new nutrition plan and more direction (and a delayed comp date), I feel good! Better than ever and more optimistic!
  • Coffee--enough said.
  • Classes ending--despite the massive amounts of work I have to finish before Monday, I am SO excited to be nearly done with college! Don't get me wrong, it's very bittersweet and I will miss the freedom, but I'm excited to have some time to myself and really put all my energy into my first figure competition. If anything, I think this could help me get that extra edge over other girls in the competition, because I will have more time to devote to it.
  • Clark--no, this is not a boy. This is the library/building that I have a lot of classes in. I like to get here early (yup, I'm here now, and my first class isn't for another hour), and just relax. There's a beautiful mural room filled with images of naked Romans and it's a good place to people watch get work done.
  • Intense workouts--the kind where you can barely move afterward. The kind that makes you want to skip showering and just get in bed and sleep already. The kind where you feel it for days afterward. The kind where you almost wish you don't have to finish, but you really do and really want to. That's the kind of workout I'm talking about.
  • LOFT--I work here, I shop here. I probably spend more than I should here. Except I've cut myself off sadly. Luckily, I work with some of the most amazing, fun girls, so it typically doesn't feel like work at all!
Well that's just a taste of the things I love, but those are fresh on my mind right now. Especially the intense workouts and the end of classes. It's no secret that my energy levels were dragging yesterday, though somehow I still wasn't craving the carbs that I'm missing. I got in both my cardio sessions, though not at such a high level as I'm used to (poor leggies were still recovering), and more. I was rushing a little bit to get from the gym to training, back home to shower/prep for the day, to work then class (which I found out was cancelled--phew!) to the internship. Needless to say, when I got out of the shower, I was STARVING! Maybe that helps to explain why the pants I wore yesterday--ones I wore just a few weeks ago--are huge! Which brings me to...

All my good body parts are shrinking! My boobs are already gone. And I don't have the funds to buy new bras...I tried hinting to my mom that my bras are to big. I went as far as to show her. Her response? "There's nothing in there!" My point exactly! So I'm just wearing what I have (thank goodness for push-ups). Now?? My bum is shrinking! That's my best body part (or so I've been told)! What am I going to do without it? Sigh. I'm really not that disappointed, since this is part of the results I've wanted to see, but it is a little shocking. Getting LEAN!

What was the part of your body you were most upset/shocked to see go??

P.S. No pics right now--too lazy :)


  1. I like this blog post! Intense workouts, blogger friends and getting my "sh*t" together are ones that I totally agree with :)

  2. Thanks! Sometimes I feel like I focus too much on my frustrations and the negative things, small as they are. I was wayyy overdue for a POSITIVE post :)

  3. I LOVE THIS! Makes me smile :-) I'm brewing a larrrrrge pot of coffee LOL. I tend to write when I'm really upset/frustrated, so it's good to have some positivity to start my day & get me thinking about the things that actually MATTER -- glass half full!