Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Disgust Myself

Fresh to death!
This is one of those "you know you're a figure competitor when..." moments. I just dropped a piece of mustard-covered ground turkey on the ground. I picked it up (hey, 5 second rule, right??) and ate it. Let's be real, if I only get so much per meal, I'm surely not going to let any food go to waste. And surprisingly, it tasted just like the rest of the ground turkey I was eating instead of tasting like dirty floor. I also roasted some kale that I got at Giant earlier today, and oh my God I am in love! Now, I've definitely had roasted kale before--it's pretty amazing, so I can't resist, but I'm used to scrawny leaves that almost look like they have been in the store coolers for too long. Today I accidentally purchased organic kale, and I saw a HUGE difference! The crisper, greener leaves should have been the first sign that I would never go back to regular kale. However, when I went to prep it for the oven, it only took me two leaves to fill up my entire baking pan! It would normally take me like 5 leaves of the other crap kale to fill up the same baking pan. Even though it was a mistake purchasing the organic and is a dollar more per pound it was definitely worth it. Never going back to regular.

I hope you're smiling!
This also is the perfect time to mention that, for once, I actually forecasted today correctly. No, not the weather, rather how my day would turn out. It started with my run--nailed it! Then as I was getting ready for class, I turned on last night's episode of Glee in the background--loved it! The 2 minute presentation I had in my class? Well, to get into a little more detail, we had a "city meeting" style discussion about coalbed methane extraction and fracking along the North Fork Flathead River (I know, you're about to fall asleep of boredom, but please stay with me!). We had to adopt a persona, so naturally I chose one of a girly girl resident only in the area because "the guy to girl ratio was high" aka the ultimate place to meet a husband. I had the class cracking up--humor and sarcasm the two things I hold most dear go a long way!

Skip ahead a couple hours and the professor for my next class was absent and sent his awesome T.A. to fill in for him. My friend actually texted me with the following statement: "You know it's gonna be a good day when Aleks (the TAs name) is here to lecture." To which I responded: "I actually forecasted this morning that today was going to be a good day!" Yes, it's silly, but it totally fits in with this story. Following class, my friend, Meryl, came over to photograph me for her photography course (I promised her I would help out). I'm really interested to see the results! She already dropped off the film to be developed, so all I have to do is wait a few days and she will have the pics all scanned and sent to me.
Meryl, the lovely photog & I back in the fall

And now? I wait til I digest my food and the gym crowd dwindles. I'll be heading in for my second run and a shoulder workout around 8pm. Until then, I apparently have to do a "factory reset" to my Droid to hopefully fix the numerous glitches it has been making. Fingers crossed that it doesn't work so I can just send it in and get a replacement!


  1. I'm going to have to try kale sometime...

  2. It's funny how that works...trying something just a little different than what you currently do and refusing to go back. :) We did that with bread recently. We always ate multi-grain bread, but a few months ago we tried the Ezekiel bread (especially the 7 grain sprouted) and I refuse to ever go back. :D

  3. I'm scared to try kale. I'm not sure I'll like it... But I do agree with you, dropping food in prep you gotta pick it up and eat it! =)

  4. Don't be scared to try kale--it's SO good! If you like other dark leafy greens, I'm sure you will love it! I'm a big fan of spinach, so incorporating kale was easy!