Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lots of, thoughts

Also known as blogger's block. And if it's not known as that, well, it should be. For some reason I just could not get out what I had to say last night--which was a lot. But now that the sun is rising, I'm giving it another go. Let's see if I can unscramble my train of thought and make any coherent sense...

I'm happy to announce that, while I still do not have progress photos, I have measurements! Taken Monday night. Now, my January numbers are probably lost at the gym, so I have yet to be able to determine how far I've come. And the numbers are few and far between (I only needed like 5 measurements to send out for my posing suit). So without further ado, as of 5 April 2011:

  • Bust: 35
  • Waist: 27.5
  • Hips: 36
  • Torso: 58**
This whole torso thing was a little bit taxing because it asked whether or not I had a long- or short-torso, but it did not give numbers classifying each. So after a bit of hunting, I found that, for my size, 58 1/2 (inches) is a normal torso length. Alas, I'm barely short torso-ed! Does 1/2 an inch even count?? There was no "average torso" option, so I went with "short"and sucked it up. But in other news, since I have these measurements, that means I was able to order my suit/place my deposit!! Unfortunately, I still have no idea what colors to choose and have a flimsy idea of what I want it to look like. Luckily, my designer is amazing and is fully willing to work with me and my lack of knowledge. But what do you guys think?? As a (tan-ish) natural redhead, what color would you choose for me? It's one thing to pick out an outfit to wear for a day, but it's another to choose a color that, even though it only covers a minute part of my body, I will be judged on. Oh well, I'm just ecstatic that my suit is ordered! I'll receive a few swatches of fabric in the mail soon and we will go from there! However, this means I need to stop spending money at work (aka buying clothing)--I've already told 2 of my managers to not let me buy anything! I even suggested putting my mugshot up on our employee wall with a note about it. Clever, right??

Fitness according to biology.
Okay, so that was Reason #1 that my day turned out well, so on to Reason #2. I had just gotten into the library that I live in and made myself comfortable in one of the nice, big, relaxing armchairs, when former roommate from my 2nd year passed by. She stopped to say hi, and I asked how her double tennis tournament went this past saturday--it was a fun thing, but her and her boyfriend were eager to do their best. She said they won a few matches, and before we said our goodbyes, she gave me a very sweet compliment. "You're looking very fit, Liz!" Now, thanks to my 12th grade AP Biology teacher, I always chuckle a little inside when I hear the word "fit" used in a phrase such as this. Of course, I know how most people intend to use it, so I gladly humbly accepted the compliment. However, in biological terms, fitness refers to the ability to reproduce. So to deem someone fit means they are in good health to make babies. thanks! But shout-out to Kelsey (if you are reading this)--you're compliment made my day that much better, and I want to say thank you! You're a very kind person, and coming from you (so athletic!), it means a lot!

Little rascal! Why would you rest your head on the floor?
So the day could only get better, right? Right. I happened to be a bit of a ball of nerves yesterday morning. At noon, I was supposed to meet a girl for coffee regarding a room available in her apartment next year. Now, normally this wouldn't make me too nervous, but A. I've been getting down to the wire since my lease ends at the end of May, and B. my experience with choosing a random roommate via online (college) classified websites has been no good. However, since I'm one of the only graduating students amongst my friend circle that has any desire to stay in Charlottesville and I'm willing to spend more on my competition than I am on rent, I've been kind of limited. I'm proud ashamed to admit I did a bit of Facebook stalking perusing and asked a mutual friend about this girl. All results turned out positive! By the way, now is a good time to tell you, if you ever need any P.I. work done via Facebook, I'm your girl! But, back to the potential roommate... So I went to meet her, and...we really hit it off! Having only met her that day, we pretty much interacted like we'd known each other for a while and we have a lot in common--her second home is The Virginian (a bar) and mine is was The Biltmore (a bar). And she loves dogs--Archie is going to be one happy camper! So much good news in so little time! I'm going to check out the place in person this weekend--apparently it has really big closets. YES!!! Not to mention, I'll be done with the move a couple weeks before my competition, so it'll be a huge stress relief!

The only downside to my day was the little twinge of pain soreness I felt in my lower back, that only appeared around 2:30pm, just in time for work! Not too much to worry about, it will sort itself out in a day or two. However, my gym time was a bit earlier today, and it through me out of my element. I had training at 7 (aka directly from work), and while my lifting was great--we did bis and tris--I may have skipped cardio. Well, I got in about a half-mile warmup, but that's nothing. I was kicking myself later that night when I felt fat like a lazy bum for skipping. Did I have a good excuse? No, not really. I was just lacking the cardio motivation yesterday. Sigh. I'll kick my own ass tonight. And it's a leg day, so I'm sure Kevin will too.

So today should be interesting--I got a free pass on my internship Tuesday because my mentor was crazy busy. Therefore I didn't know what to do with myself all afternoon. So what did I do? Played with the pup and relaxed (a bit too much). I'm glad to be back in the swing of things. When I don't have anything to do is when I procrastinate the most, so thank goodness for the Newsplex--making Tuesday and Thursday afternoons productive! Well, I'm glad I was able to sort out my thoughts and actually write this blog (after 4 failed attempts--seriously!!). I leave you with an interesting blurb from a Cosmo article. I'll take my sexy sculpted arms over legs anytime! Oh, and New Kids on the Block + Backstreet Boys = <3 too many men in tight (p)leather pants??

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