Saturday, April 30, 2011

Procrastinating Never Tasted So Good

Lots of pretty charts! (Or effects of
weather on marathon time)
That's right, I'm procrastinating. I have the entirety of my grade for one class due on Monday. Pretty much, I choose my own topic (done months ago), research (started months ago...then put aside), create a powerpoint of images to use (meh), write 10 1-page papers with a newsletter format, and finally bring it all together with a paper approximately 10 pages in length. What have I done so far? Ummm, I have one of the 1-pagers done and a few images on my powerpoint. I do have a few websites written down, but all-in-all I have my work cut out for me tonight/tomorrow. That's right, still in procrastination mode. This semester I have mastered the art of the time-crunch or so I tell myself. Paper due on Monday? Start it Sunday night--that's how I roll. Yeah, I know--this isn't the best strategy...but in order for me to get some "me-time" in there, I have to do that. Does it usually work? Yeah, works out pretty well.

Better or worse than indoors?
So what's my plan today and what have I already done today? Well, my plan for today is to get the 1-pagers knocked out--done-zo! All the while, collecting the images to put in the powerpoint. It's kind of a simultaneous task, if you ask me. Unfortunately, I have work tonight from 4:30 to 9, so tonight will be a long night. Then tomorrow--kill the 10-pager. My only sigh of relief comes from the fact that, in the beginning of the semester, my professor said it doesn't have to be 10 pages. He doesn't want longer papers, but if we can fit it in under 10 pages, then that's okay. So I've already decided I'm going to write about 8 pages--I think that sounds like a good plan. The course topic is biometeorology (the interaction of the atmosphere and the environment), so naturally I chose a topic looking into the climate's effect on exercise. I was hoping to find more about strength training and lifting, because I think cardio has already been overdone for the most part, but it looks like I will be adding cardio to my paper. That being said, I'm also hoping to find something about climate-controlled exercise (i.e., cardio inside a gym vs. cardio outdoors). If I find anything interesting (which I'm sure is bound to happen), I'll let you know!

On to what I've already done today: woke up at 7 (despite the desire to sleep for an extra hour), got to the gym for abs, calves, and cardio on my own, then worked out with Kevin. Went home to shower, power up with a protein shake... Then off to meet my new contact/trainer who is creating my nutrition plan and breaking down my workouts. This is where everything got a bit tricky a couple weeks ago. I was afraid to mention anything on here, because I never really know who reads this and I didn't want to start any unnecessary drama. But anyway, here is the deal... Kevin (the one I've been training with for months) left Gold's the other week--he still works out there and thus he still "trains" me by working out with me--but due to unforeseen circumstances, he doesn't have the time to be a personal trainer there. Meanwhile, one of my friends who used to work at the desk at Gold's moved to another gym, Total Performance. We got into a facebook wall conversation, and one of the trainers at Total Performance suggested I come in for a workout there--this guy, also named Kevin (but for lack of confusion I'll refer to him as Pleasants), also used to work at Gold's. Pleasants is a bodybuilder himself, in that he has done shows previously and is looking to compete again in the fall/winter. When I met with him (keep in mind Kevin was out of town so I desperately needed a workout), we talked about my figure competition and he said I was behind for the June 12 show. I was already doubting the June date anyway, so I had a backup plan--a July show. Pleasants expressed a desire to work with me creating my nutrition plan and my workout plan, but not necessarily training with me. Not to mention, two of his clients won their class last weekend (one of the two also winning overall for figure).

Don't get side tracked, but: Can you spot the puppy??
So now here I am, confused as hell, because I'm working out with Kevin, but being "trained" (in the sense of planning) by Pleasants. I know this phrase isn't exactly fitting, but I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard spot. I love working out with Kevin, and he pushes me and guides me, but as far as competition knowledge, we were just winging it a bit. And I do like having everything mapped out for me by Pleasants. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to stop working out with Kevin, but I can't help but feel a little guilty that it's no longer just him and me going through this process. I don't want it to seem like I didn't think he was good enough to I went elsewhere--because that is completely NOT the case! As my friend reminded me to ease my feelings of guilt, I had already been looking to get a nutrition plan in the beginning, and since Kevin is my trainer, the two are not exactly the same. Yet I still can't help feeling like that backstabbing b*tch from high school. What do you think--should I feel guilty? Should I not? I haven't told Kevin yet, because once again I'm afraid it will seem like he wasn't good enough (again, definitely not true--I've come a LONG way from where I've started because of him!), but I know I have to (do I really??). How do I tell him? For me, this is all about achieving my goal, but I don't want to hurt people to get there.

This past week with the carb depletion--that was the first step Pleasants suggested to get me on track with prep. Which now that I think of it, I think I'm just really comfortable training with Kevin, so I felt like it was okay to cheat because I didn't have someone to hold me accountable. While both Kevin and Pleasants are very muscular (duh, they're trainers), I'm more intimidated by Pleasants--if I cheat, I'm afraid of the consequences, haha. But back to carb depletion--today is the last day, and I've seen some major results. I've dropped some pounds and I just FEEL leaner. Like really feel leaner. So I know he knows what he's doing, and I trust the process. On the other hand, Kevin makes me feel stronger... Tomorrow is my first carb load--just in time since I'll need them to keep my paper-induced stress levels down tomorrow--and the cycle begins!

Well this took up a good amount of time (again, more procrastinating), but I wanted to post before I got into the monotony of researching and paper-writing. Looks like tomorrow is going to be a library day--hello, Clark! And good thing I have my trusty coffee pot and a boat-load of carbs to look forward to! YES!

P.S. Sorry for the Jekyll & Hyde post! I'm just caught up in my head and it's no good! :( Help me!!
Arhie is happy too--SLEEPING on the windowsill!
P.P.S. Still keeping with the optimism from yesterday though, so if there's nice weather where you are, go out and enjoy it for me! And don't let my confusion fool you, I'll still a happy gal! And I feel a little better getting this all out!


  1. I think you should be honest with Kevin and tell him you reached out to another trainer for nutritional support. He is a professional and he probably knows his limits. If nutrition is not his thing, he probably already knows that. Also, you are going to need someone with experience for the last couple of weeks anyway and it sounds like Pleasants has that type of experience. Hang in there!

  2. First- you sound like me in school, I did the same thing constantly and was such a procrastinator =) Second, it kind of sucks but sometimes you have to "break up" with a trainer if they aren't suited to help you like you'd like them to. It's not his fault, he just doesn't have any idea about contest prep. I'd say just be honest with him about it. Great job on the carb depletion! You're doing great!

  3. Hilarious! I am a total procrastinator too. :) I sometimes need the severe arse kick / time crunch to get the creative juices flowing...and I love to see what can be developed in desperation! But then I usually kick myself because I see what I could have done. hah!

    You have to do what's right for you with training. Sometimes you just have to 'break up' like Lisa says. Trust Lisa, she's super smart!!

  4. Thanks ladies for all your kind words/words of wisdom! Note to self: stop procrastinating...although in this case, my professor gave the class (all 5 of us) an extension until Friday! WOOHOO!

    So sorry I've only just now had a chance to respond to you all, but your advice has helped a lot. I did manage to (grow a pair and) tell Kevin that I have reached out to another trainer for my nutrition program. He was actually really understanding and is actually looking at it as a bit of a learning experience for himself as well (since I practically tell him EVERYTHING involving my training/nutrition). So relieved!